Seven on Saturday {The Sweaty Edition}

I reached a milestone this morning, folks. Actually two.

First, I got up out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:30.

Let's just take a moment and reflect on THAT.

Second, I met up with my running group and ran...wait for it...SEVEN MILES!!

For me, especially lately (okay, um...since January), this is my longest distance. It's like I've finally broken through this wall of hovering around 4 or 5 miles and am ready to start building up the mileage again. And I'm excited about it.

Several things were in my favor this morning: it was slightly overcast, we started before the birds were up at 5:30, there was a suggestion of a breeze occasionally, I had some new tunes on my iPod, my legs and core felt a little stronger from all the P90X (WooHoo), and I really liked my new Nike tank from TJ Maxx ($12.00--regularly $34.00, can I get an amen?).

That's not to say it was easy breezy Cover Girl. It was terribly humid and the sweat poured profusely (I even took advantage of random sprinklers), but all in all it was a good, solid run.

So...now I need to hunker down and decide which events to do this fall and early spring. I want to do at least one full marathon and then a few half marathons here and there just for fun, but I can't decide which ones. This year we are cutting back on big travel, so I need to find races that we can drive to if possible. For the marathon I've learned I need the mental distraction of big crowds and sights to distract me from what my body is doing, so this means bigger races where lots of folks are doing the full with me. I'm tentatively thinking about the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December and possibly the Rock and Roll San Antonio Half in November and the Texas Marathon (half) on New Year's Day. I don't know. I can't decide. I DO know I need to commit to something and register so I'll have $$ on the line to keep me running.

Any suggestions?


  1. All I can say is that I am seriosly IMPRESSED you are up this early doing this!!

  2. Is there another 4:30 besides PM? You rock, Holly! Great job getting over the 4-5 mile mark. Wish I lived closer, I'd be there to cheer you on for those races.

  3. Wow, getting up at 4:30am any day is amazing, but on purpose, on a Saturday, and for the purpose of going running is just mind blowing to me!! You are amazing!

  4. I might just have to join you for the Texas Marathon (half for sure) on new years day...

  5. Way to go this AM! :) I did a Rock and Roll half in Phoenix last year and it was great! So motivating to have the music along the way. Also, for the ultimate distraciton at sometime in the future, I would suggest a Disney race. I did the Disneyland Half last Labor day and it was Amazing! You run through the parks, characters and workers are out, runners are dressed up (princess gear, mouse ears and a male Tinkerbell??) :) Just something to think about!

  6. Yowza - 4:30 AM on a Saturday! You are awesome :) Great job!!!!!

  7. I can't get past the 4:30 am part. WOW

  8. I did the White Rock Relay this past December. I did the first leg, and it was all in the city streets, and I think the music and stuff doesn't get going until further in the race, but I still loved it. It is a fantastic environment. I watched a lot of runners finish the marathon while waiting for our last leg to come in, and it almost made me wish I was running the marathon. So, I think you should do that one. :) I'm planning to do the half this year. Woot.

  9. Yay for finishing your first 7 miler of the year!

    Have you seen marathonguide.com? That might help your decision making process.

    Good luck in your marathon training!

  10. Holly, I've said it before but I think you are a ROCK STAR!!! I'll do a half with you if you want~I'm only good if I have a partner to motivate me!! I'm thinking the San Antonio race would be great for my 36th birthday! I've never done more than a 5k so I guess I better get after it huh? LOL Off to find a training plan! Thanks for the motivation!

  11. Thanks Autumn! I think all runners are ROCK STARS--no matter the distance or the pace!

  12. There's a group of us doing the 1/2 in San Antonio in November - about 15 of us. Do join us, it will be fun!!! (Peer pressure, peer pressure)


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