Swallowing a Bit Of Running Pride

Taking into account that I have not been the faithful runner in reality as much as I think I have been and the fact that it's like 500 degrees outside, I decided to adjust my running intervals.

You know, in order to survive.

One of the beauties of running is that there is a place for everyone, for every ability. It is not exclusionary. Really, it's not. There are runners that hardly ever take walk breaks, there are runners that take a walk break every mile or so and there are runners that take scheduled walk breaks based on an interval that suits them. Another beauty of running is that you are free to do whatever gets you through the next mile and the next and gets you across the finish line. No one looks at you funny or thinks any less of you for taking a walk break. It's all good.

I typically follow an interval of 5 minutes running followed by 1 minute of walking using either my Garmin or my Timex watch. In cooler weather I am sometimes able to run for longer intervals. One of my goals is to one day run without using intervals. Someday. Maybe. Until then, using intervals works for me. I train that way and I follow the same system for a race. The idea is that taking regular walk breaks helps you conserve energy for long runs, keeping fuel in your tank to let you finish strong. Check out Jeff Galloway's site for more information about training with intervals, he is the man behind the RUN-WALK-RUN method. If you are just starting your running addiction, try a short run interval at first, say 1 or 2 minutes of running followed by 1 or 2 minutes of walking, then gradually increasing your run:walk ratio as you get stronger. It's all good.

Today I swallowed my running pride and changed my intervals to 3:1 and finished 4 miles. It's all good.


  1. I take walk breaks. I'm not on a consistent program, I go more by feel. I usually average running a mile then walking a lap (on a treadmill). But I'm gearing up for a half marathon in December and will be doing some pace training with intervals. You are right about running not being exclusionary. The running community is great and supportive of every effort, in my experience.

  2. Good for you! I think I would need a 30 seconds to 5 minutes interval, and that's not really running right?

    I really admire you for braving the heat and humidity, because I'm not good having to walk to the car let alone running for 4 miles!

  3. I've been running for nearly 15 years and have always used the Galloway method. Way back when I first started running I did 2:1 intervals and about died. During my marathons I walked 1 min for every 2 miles (while drinking or eating). And you are so right about the running world - nothing is out of the ordinary when you get to a race...everything goes!

  4. Jill: When I first started running I ran for 30-45 seconds and walked for a few minutes, gradually (very) building up to a minute and then eventually a whole song. Baby running steps--it's all good!!


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