Type A Tomato

Several over achieving tomato plants (from our little garden--and I use that term very loosely-- and from my Dad and Peggy's real garden) have produced an over-abundance of delicious tomato goodness we have been reveling in for the last few weeks.

Annelise loves to grab a handful of the cherry tomatoes, wash them off and gobble them up like candy. A much healthier candy. We've been eating them with everything, but nothing beats this way...

The classic summer sandwich: the BLT.

Is there anything better? I think not.


  1. MMMMmmmmm~

    I cannot wait for my tomatoes to ripen now!!!

  2. I'm a fair-weather fan of tomatoes but have been enjoying them on sandwiches and burgers this summer. They have to be just right for me to love them, but then I really do. I love a good BLT!

  3. Yum-O...except for the tomato! :)

  4. I must confess...we had them for supper tonight too!

    Is there a 12 step program for BLT addicts?


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