Blogging, Baking and Befriending {or when worlds collide}

In my 2 something or n'other years of blogging I have made several virtual friends. Bloggy friends, internet peeps, or whatever term you use, they are a type of friends. Real friends, even if you have not met face to face, it's a form of a relationship. They read your blog, you read their blog, you know their story and they know yours.

If you are like me, you might talk about your bloggy friends from time to time, either with your FIRL (friends in real life) or your spouse. Not like in an obsessed stalker kind of way, but in an occasional so and so is moving to ________, or so and so just started a ________, or so and so made/baked/tried/quilted/organized/repainted/found a___________, I wonder if I can do it too. If your spouse is anything like mine, he kind of rolls his eyes but he at least pretends to listen and tries to keep the stories and locales straight. Or maybe not. If you are like me, you hope to meet some (okay, maybe even ALL) of your bloggy friends in real life someday. Or maybe not.

Well, last week I had the chance to meet one. I did! I did!

In preparation for our meeting, I decided to try my hand at making what are known in some circles as blog brownies, otherwise known as mint brownies. I have read about these treats for years and this was the perfect reason to make them.

In honor of blog friend Kelly (Thister Thaster, but her blog is now private) I listened to Kink.FM while I had the recipe up on my computer, courtesy of Patsy (uber mom) and her friends.

As I measured, poured and stirred I thought about these women and their stories.

I also thought about meeting more bloggy friends someday. And making more mint brownies (they are truly divine).

Oh. I bet you want to know just who I was making this particular batch of mint brownies for. Now that for at the end is glaring at me, taunting me. For whom I was baking the mint brownies just sounds so stuffy and all nose in the air. Eh, grammar, you tease.

Some of you might know Anne (her blog is private, sorry). She is hip, young, a marathon runner and recently ENGAGED. She also just moved from the DC area to Houston. Brave, brave girl, that's what she is. We exchanged a few emails and hammered out a time to get together for supper. Now if you don't already think I'm a weirdo for talking and thinking about my bloggy friends, this might seal the deal. I was kind of nervous to call her. I know. What on earth? But I did, and she was delightful. Then once we made plans I was kind of nervous to meet her. I know. What on earth? I hope this next confession doesn't push you right over the edge, but in an odd way I felt like I was going on a date. I know. What on earth? Like, what should I wear, what will we talk about, what will she think, what if...and so forth. I know. What. on. earth.

Guess what? We met (she is ADORABLE). We talked. We laughed. We talked some more. We ate Tex-Mex. We laughed. We talked some more. We ate a mint brownie. It was delightful.

What on earth was I worried about? Seriously.

Now, my head is hung in complete shame because you have surely noticed by now that I took pictures of the baking process and the mint brownies*, but NOT OF OUR ACTUAL NOT-A-DATE DATE.

I know. What on earth?

*This oversight is in no way a suggestion that mint brownies are more important than meeting fellow bloggers, especially Anne. I think we were so caught up in the talking and the eating, photo documentation slipped my mind. I know. What on earth? Sorry.

** Also, because obviously I can not talk enough about the mint brownies, I learned that these treats have the capability of knocking out Scott's highly tolerant sweet tooth. I know. What on earth? He declared them too sweet. I did not find that a problem at all. One more thing, mint brownies are, like revenge, best served cold.


  1. WOWZA!
    WHAT A THRILL to be mentioned here & especially as uber mom?? what in the heck-
    YOU HAve Made my day :)

    glad you got to meet Anne & janae's mint brownies... DELish!!

    My hubby travels to Houston a couple of times a year- one of these days I may hitch a ride-

  2. You are cracking me up with this post! I feel so honored to be your first blogger not-a-date date. It was so great meeting you. If it's at all possible, you're even sweeter in real life! Thanks for introducing me to tex-mex, febreeze dual scented air fresheners, blogger brownies and more! I guess we'll just have to get together again to get that self portrait. Perhaps a race in the near future?!

  3. I love my blog friends. My husband doesn't really understand but he humors me. I have met one in real life and we are VERY good friends! :)

    Havey ou seen Julie & Julia? It's like the part when Julia meets her penpal and her friend doesn't understand how she "knows her" but doesn't know her... We get it!

  4. Ok...what in the world!!! How exciting! I'm glad you had fun and were able to introduce her to some yummy Tex-Mex. I can't wait to try some of those brownies.

  5. I was waiting and waiting for the self-portrait to show up, what in the world?! It's so great that you and Anne were able to get together. I'm sure it was a relief to her to feel like she has a friend in Texas already.

  6. How fun! My mouth is completely watering with all your brownie talk - now if I only had some here!

    How fun that you got to meet Anne, I remember her from a couple years ago, I think I won something on her blog. It sounds like your meet went well! Take care :)

  7. Yay for blogging, baking, and meeting new friends!

    I've met 2 blogging friends in person and just had the best time. Now I not only love them in the blogging world, but I love them "for real" too! It's fun to step out of our comfort zone every now and then isn't it!?!

    I've got to try those mint brownies someday!

  8. Anne is so great! And now I will have two reasons to come to Houston (which I really want to do sometime in the near future...once Anne is past the honeymoon kissy face period of marriage. ;-)

    P.S. You know we would be great friends if I lived there, too.

  9. Chloe: Absolutely, girl! I hope our paths cross someday for sure-either at a race or just because.

  10. I almost met a blog friend earlier this year. she came through this area on a cross country trip. we were not able to meet up despite trying to (see the "to" hanging at the end of my sentence??)

  11. Silken: Sorry that didn't work out--maybe you'll get another chance.

    I hope I get the chance to meet more bloggy friends someday too.


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