I Can't Believe SHE Wore THAT {Volume 1}

The she is me. And this is my story.

In an effort to try and stay somewhat fashion forward even at my advanced age, I attempted the Maxi dress. First, I must say I'm not quite sure why it's called Maxi except possibly for the large amounts of material that go into them. Most are floor length and quite roomy. There are halter versions, spaghetti strap versions and {gasp} even strapless versions.

I must admit I was drawn to all the colors and styles when I encountered the display down at the TarJay. Bright, festive, comfy. The low price tag was a plus too. These dresses seem to be quite popular this summer with people wearing them out and about and as swimsuit cover ups at the pool. I've seen people wear them by themselves, with a tank underneath (or even a T shirt which is cute but comes dangerously close to the jumpers I sported in 1995) or with a denim jacket (which I would do if I wasn't concerned about passing out from heat stroke).

I went for the layered approach with a black tank and a short lightweight sweater. So, without further ado I present the result...

I know, just call me Mrs. Roper. Here's another view...

This dress had a small tie at the waist which gave an illusion of shape (most are more mu-mu-esque) and was very comfortable. I felt kind of hip and trendy (two teen girls at church gave me the once over, I hope I met with their approval), yet the sheer volume of the dress combined with the horizontal stripes might not have worked in my favor after all.

What do you think? Is a Maxi dress my friend or foe? What would Stacy and Clinton say? Have you tried one yet?


  1. You look adorable, as always. I had the same issues with the mexi dress thing and posted about it at the beginning of the summer. The novelty sort of wore off with me by the end of July and they are now retired until next summer. I had two strapless ones that I wore under a wrap-tie sweater and they drove me NUTS.

  2. Thanks Jillian! You and your post were my inspiration. :)

  3. I have never heard of a Mexi dress before, but it looks comfortable Holly - especially in all that heat. My girls had A's dress for their 4th easter - very cute - you both look chic!

  4. I'm not fond of the name due to its closeness to Maxi Pads, but the dresses are cute.

    I would love to have something so comfortable to wear, but I know I would end up looking like a pregnant, fat girl, and that's the look I'm trying to avoid most of the time!

    You look stylish and cute!

  5. Thanks Michelle! It was comfy even in the heat.

    Jill: Thanks Jill! About the name, I know---Maxi--seriously? That's the main reason I wasn't sure about the dress in general--the silly name. Again, who makes these fashion decisions?

  6. Very cute layering, but I think that particular dress is not the best look. Something about the colors makes it seem a little frumpy. But the overall look is cute.


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