A List, a List, My Kingdom for a List

Okay, I don't really know that that means, but it sounded good at the time.

Because my brain is jumbled and I don't believe I can compose a coherent post, I shall resort to my faithful friend, yet still red headed stepchild, the list.

* After one week of school our house was besieged by the plague just in time for the weekend. Not that we had any plans, but then we really didn't have any plans.

* Except for Scott who went to a fantasy football draft Saturday night after magically rebounding from his bout with the plague (fever, chills, general malaise) that began Thursday.

* Currently, I remain plague free.

*Annelise is on the mend (I think) thanks to Children's Motrin, chicken noodle soup, and movie marathons from the comfort of the couch. Since she still had fever this morning, she'll stay home from school Monday, you know, the whole no fever for 24 hour rule. We shall try to be good rule followers.

*One good thing that has come from Plague Weekend is I've had ample time to delve deeper into Here Be Dragons. Oh my goodness, it's slap your Mama good. I'll save my ravings until I finish, because I think they will be full post worthy, but if you are between books and like historical fiction I say you should get your hot little hands on Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman, pronto. Snap. Snap.

*Another good thing is I finished a project three, count them THREE days, before it was due. Stop the world.

*We found a few more items for Annelise's SW/JTA party and the invitations are in the works. Well, not right at this minute because I'm typing this, but you get the idea. Scott is also planning to stalk the Lowe's freight area before 7:00 am tomorrow to hopefully get large appliance boxes for essential Jedi training activities. Fingers crossed.

*I discovered a white noise app for Pinky (my pet name for my iPhone) and have decided it's the coolest thing evAH. Except last night I had the beach waves a wee bit too loud and thought I might get swept away. Must adjust.

Gotta dash...we may finally be having a visit from the tooth fairy tonight!!


  1. Great title Holly!

    I'm sorry about the plague striking, what's up with that? Surely it's too hot outside for any bacteria to live right?

    I'm glad you're liking Here Be Dragons. I feel like a chump that it took me 2 months to finish it.

    Way to go with finishing something 3 days before the deadline. I'm always shocked when I finish something ahead of schedule, and feel like I should alert the presses.

    A white noise app sounds fantastic!

  2. I just checked out here be Dragons yesterday at the library. I'm also reading The Blind Assassin so those 2 should keep me bust until the books are due back in 3 weeks.

    Both my kids go to sleep with white noise (rain for Luci, birdies for Griffin) so I'd probably like it myself.

    I hope that YOU remain plague free!

  3. missed you today....Hope A is feeling better tonight and you don't get the crud.

  4. Just want to share that about two weeks before school started we got the chills, cough, runny noses AND the FLU!!!!


    We got the boys noses swabed and TYPE A flu! Not only that later we found out that TYPE A flu this early in the year has been tested for SWINE FLU!



    Do yall see a doctor???

    Good luck with the boxes! The best place that I got HUGE boxes was at various rent to own centers. Call them a little a head of time and they will save them for you! I never had any luck with Walmart (I made two 4am runs!...no luck!).

    miss ya!

  5. Okay, now I'm worried. Well, I guess not really because Scott and Annelise seem over it--no more fever, energy back, etc., but we didn't go to the doctor because it just seemed like a virus. Of course I know swine flu is a virus too but...

    Scott was able to get a fridge box this AM at Lowes, YEA!! Good to know for the future about Rent-to-Own centers--there is one close by.


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