A Phone, Skates and Toilets

And John Hughes, because my title vaguely reminds me of The Breakfast Club tag line about a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess and a criminal.

It's one of my favorite John Hughes' films (Don't You Forget About Me was our senior song, um...not so sure it worked), but really how can you pick just one? Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Plains, Trains and Automobiles, Home Alone. Ever since I heard about his death, I've had the urge to pull out as many of his movies (VHS tapes) that we have, pretend I am Molly for a while and celebrate the 80s. I haven't done it yet, but I might. Soon. Wanna join me?

I wouldn't mind celebrating the 80s a little, like in the privacy of my home, but I wouldn't want to re-live them. Would you? The hairspray alone would be a threat to our budget. When I was in the mall a few weeks ago I was painfully surprised to see such a homage to one of our more embarrassing decades. Leggings. Long, baggy shirts. Copious amounts of plaid. There may have been a scrunchie. My innards clenched. What's going on folks? The 80s are over fashion people, please, PUHlease don't bring them back, I'm begging you.

Moving right along. Look what Scott brought home Friday evening...

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to do a self-portrait showing the front of it. My brain just doesn't work that way. Is it possible? Anyway, can you figure out what it is? That's right my friends, it's an iPhone!!! Oh my, it's fun and overwhelming at the same time. And could become addictive. I've only added a few apps, one of my faves being Pandora for music (you create your own radio stations). I'm trying not to become obsessed with my new toy. Balance and moderation, balance and moderation...

Last night we went to our local roller rink, although they call it a SK8 center now. Whatever. It's the same place where I skated my awkward pre-adolescence away oh so many years ago. Though they may have painted it, moved a few things around and installed some bouncy play things, it's the basically the same.

Bless my granddaddy, Archie, for taking me and sometimes a little friend of mine too, on summer afternoons and waiting patiently for us to skate our little hearts out. He and my grandmother, Sue, gave me my absolute favorite pair of skates. Blue tennis shoe skates with yellow stripes, yellow laces and jumbo yellow wheels. Sigh. They were so cool, therefore I was too. Ahem. I soon outgrew those and the afternoon skating sessions, moving on to Junior High, Jordache jeans with a comb in my pocket and being dropped off with friends for skate nights. Sigh. Good times.

Here we are before we hit the rink.

This was Annelise's third time to skate, and she had been talking about it almost non-stop for 2 days. She. was. excited. I think she expected to hit the rink rolling and gracefully glide off into the sunset.

That was not to be.

Scott and I soon found ourselves with our noodle-legged-daughter-on-wheels in the coned off beginner area. She didn't want to be there, she wanted to be in the thick of all the kids zooming around the big circle. She tried, she fell, she tried again. And again.

We only lasted about an hour. Annelise declared it the worst evening ever. We kept trying to boost her spirits by saying how much better she was doing at the end than at the start, and it just takes practice, yada, yada...she wasn't buying it. Oh well. I guess she has also changed her mind about wanting to have a rollerskating birthday party. Mock rats.

What's this orange blur you see?

That would be me during a backward skate. Yessiree, I've still got the moves. Until they changed it to backward backward skate. Yikes!

Ah yes, toilets. I'm reading Something Missing which is about a well intentioned thief with OCD tendencies. He only steals things he believes his clients (his word) wouldn't notice or miss, their extras. In the middle of stealing a few ibuprofen tablets he accidentally knocks the lady's toothbrush into the toilet. The OCD horror. And thus the story takes off. But it got me to thinking, am I cleaning my toilets thoroughly? Probably not up to OCD standards, but I think they are okay. Regular (usually weekly) bowl scrubbing with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner & brush, regular wipe downs with Clorox wipes (I keep a container in each bathroom cabinet) and occasional wipe downs with Clorox cleaner with bleach.

So, I bring my concerns to you, my dear bloggy friends, is this good enough? Or am I one step away from a nasty gas station bathroom? How often and with what method do you clean your toilets? Just curious. Okay, nosy.

EDITED TO ADD: (because I didn't ramble enough the first time) In the story, Martin (the OCD thief) blames the toothbrush incident on the homeowners for not keeping their toilet lids down. So of course I thought, hmm...we leave ours up, is that just asking for trouble? I don't know. We've always left the lid up so everything is ready to go, no waiting. And we don't have furry toilet lid covers. Why do people use those anyway? What possesses people to want to decorate their toilet lids? No offense, if you do, of course. It's a free toilet society, do what you want.

So in summary:

What is your favorite John Hughes film? If you have an iPhone, what apps are your rave faves? Do you still roller skate? and let's not forget to share your toilet cleaning tips as well. Thanks ever so much.


  1. call me crazy...toilet seat HAS to be DOWN when flushing and also when not in use. i can just see the germs flying onto my toothbrush if it was flushed open...SHUDDER! cleaning routine pretty similar to yours. LOVE those clorox wipes-i have them everywhere.

    haven't skated in years, but we're going to try bowling again this weekend.

  2. My husband is totally OCD about the toilet seat being down when flushed-- seriously OCD. He read somewhere about germs flying around & he has never been the same.
    I could care less-

    I keep those wipes in all the bathrooms too & use them a lot in the main bath-- but have to admit- my own personal master bathroom toilet... is not as clean as it should be. LaZiness is all I can say- pure & simple.

    I was a total skate nerd- I wanted to skate, but I am so uncoordinated I shutter to think of it all. I used to be too busy & cool skating around on the glow in the dark carpet- pathetic...

    80's fashion? PLEASe don't come back!!!

  3. HAHAHAHHAAHA!!!!! Don't You Forget About Me was our senior song too...in 1995!!! I think Breakfast Club was my favorite...but it's a hard call! Uncle Buck makes me cry. Popa and I would watch it together and HURT from laughing. Sorry skating was a bust! Maybe next year??? And, SCORE! Pink phone! I'm not jealous...not one little bit! :)

  4. I love all the John Hughes movies! My husband figured out that John was only 34 when he made 16 Candles! That made us feel like slackers.

    Hooray for the new iPhone. I don't have one, so I can't recommend any apps, but how fun for you.

    My kids have only tried roller skating once and it DID NOT GO WELL. They prefer to zip around the rink on their scooters. I had the same blue and yellow tennis shoe skates you did, and I loved them!

    My toilet cleaning plan sounds like yours, so I don't think it's anywhere close to being a gas station type clean. I am adamant that the toilet lid is down at all times except for when in use! I do not want to see what's in there or think about it or have something fall in there or anything.

  5. Okay, I'm starting to rethink my toilet lid up habit. Maybe I've been wrong all these years. I've never really thought about germs flying around but HAVE had things fall in there.

    Any leave-the-lid-uppers out there???

  6. Hey you need to download SHAZAM. It's a free app and it is amazing. If a song comes on the TV or radio and you like it or you can't think of the name of it or yada yada, you just hit the tag button and in about 30 seconds it identifies it, gives you the lyrics, the singer/band, and gives you the opportunity to download it to your itunes. Oh you will love your IPHONE. It's like my 3rd arm.

  7. Oh and to the skating issue. I remember the metal ones that we had to tighten over our PF flyers with a key. Then we wore the key around our neck on a string so we could get them off. I loved to skate. I never mastered the backwards thing. When we moved to the 'ville, a huge tent came every summer with a roller rink under it. We could go skate all day or night. It was cool.

  8. I'm seeing 80's fashion everywhere - big letters on tshirts even! I just read that one of Fall's fashion trends is all about playing up the shoulder...omgosh no!!!!

    How cool that you got an iPhone...I think I want one but I can't decide at this point. Mike loves his and we have fun with the app where you can sing or hum a bar of a song you heard somewhere and it gives you the title and artist. (wish I could remember what it's called, sorry I don't)

    Also, there's a lightsaber sound effect app - you'll need to download that one for A., she'd love it! Maybe it would take her mind off the roller skating night.

    Toilets? I clean them a lot more often now after having a broken foot and crawling around on the floor. The view was a real eye-opener to my lack of cleaning skillz. Yuck!

  9. Jealous of the iPhone. I want one so bad, but there is no way we can pay the monthly fee. But I still wish I had one every time I see a commercial for the cool apps.

  10. I think we're around the same age, Holly. (Although you look a whole lot younger and cuter in that self portrait!) Does this mean we can't wear the 80's look this time around?

  11. Thanks for the app tips y'all. Scott added the light saber thingie to his phone (he was braver than me) and let A. play with it--of course she LOVES it. I was scared she'd get to sabering and throw the phone, but she's been really careful so far. I think we put enough fear into her. :)

    One app that I added that's been FUN is UrbanSpoon to help find restaurants, like a slot machine.

    The phones have been fun and thanks to some incentives we were able to swing it.

    Anna: Sorry you had to see potties at eye level for so long while your foot was healing. I don't clean the back/base as often as I should--I forget about it--so thanks for the reminder.

    Gab: You are too sweet! Oh I think we proabably could wear the 80s look this time (or at least some of it)--I just don't want to. Once in stirrup pants and long baggy shirts/sweaters is enough! :)

  12. my husband got an iphone too. the map was very helpful on our trip last week.

  13. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

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