SatSummary {no, not a part of the orange family}

We got ourselves together earlier than usual for a Saturday morning and went to a family seminar at church. I had to snap a photo on my way to the car of our outrageous crepe myrtle bursting with pink goodness. She's a rather proud tree.

After the seminar and a hot dog/frito pie lunch (that would haunt me later) we dropped Annelise off at Pappo and Grandma's house (WHOOP) and went on a date (Double WHOOP). We went to a matinee showing of (500) Days of Summer. Um, could it have BEEN any cuter or quirkier? Nope. Pardon my Chandler Bingness. Scott even liked it.

We followed the movie with a trip to our new local yogurt bar, Sprinkles. Apparently these places are all the rage. You select your flavors, your toppings and pay by the ounce. You are then encouraged to stay and read, play games, socialize...you know, just hang. Scott and I both did a neopolitan-esque cup, except I chose Key Lime (delightful and refreshing) instead of vanilla. It was DEE-lish.

I had an itchin' to go to the mall without a little person, so I talked Scott into it. He was a good sport. I wanted to try out a new-to-me perfume, Chance by Chanel. I liked it okay, but I fell back in love with Coco Mademoiselle which I used to wear several years ago. What can I say, I am creature of habit.

On the way out of Macy's, this display scared me something awful.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, those are stirrup pants. I almost cried. They were right next to big shirts and lots of plaid. Who makes these fashion decisions? We need to talk.
Moving right along. By now we were ready for supper so we went to Pei Wei. Are you sitting down? Good. We had never been there. I know. What is wrong with us? Well, we both liked it tremendously and will definitely be going back. Here I am diving into Lemon Pepper Chicken. Yum!

Rounding out our delightful date was a trip to Lifeway and Barnes & Noble. Movies, food and books: the big three. At Lifeway we found one of the books recommended during the family seminar along with a family devotional book. I know I've said this before about wanting to have regular--even daily--family devotional time, ideally in the morning. I've said it, I've wished it, I've felt disappointed/guilty about not doing it...well, now I'm saying it AGAIN. And this time we ARE really going to do it. So, please hold me accountable, okay? Thanks!
We also got Annelise a couple of books for starting Kindergarten later this week. I'll hide them until Thursday (and hopefully remember to dig them out).

Take a gander at how Annelise came home this morning, it cracked me up.

Her nightgown and sneakers. I forgot to send her dress for church. Ooops!
What's the latest movie you've seen? Have you smelled Coco Mademoiselle or Chanel Chance? What's your position on stirrup pants? What's your favorite meal at Pei Wei?


  1. WOW! You had a fabulous Saturday! I'm SOOOOOO glad you guys made it to Pei Wei...it's one of our faves. And Barnes/Lifeway!!! LOVE the purcahses..and am expecting a review on the devo book.

    Stirrup pants...REALLY? HATED them the first time, no thanks for a repeat!

    ANd anything that reminds you of Chandler Bing HAS to be a winner!
    Love ya!

  2. That top picture is gorgeous!

    I loved 500 Days of Summer too, and am glad you both liked it. What a fun date you two had, I like every part of it.

    I actually haven't ever been to Pei Wei either.

  3. P.S. I forgot to say that I am highly disturbed by the return of stirrup pants! It's just too soon for the return of 80s clothes, I will not support such fashions!

  4. Harry Potter
    Hate them. Please stop the madness.
    Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls. Only 300 calories WITH the peanut sauce. A bi-weekly delight for me.

  5. Oooh, thanks for the tip Rochelle. Those Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls sound delicious.

    Kim: I know! Can you believe we FINALLY went to Pei Wei?!?! I'm so proud of us.

    Jill: Thanks, that tree was planted by my grandfather and bursts with blooms every year. It makes me happy.

  6. stir up pants!!??
    OH NO- I refuse to go back!

    I remember the yogurt places (which I love) being all the rage in the 80's too...

    great saturday! good luck with the devotionals!! we have been working on them for years- it's a constant effort.

  7. What a fun-filled and very delicious Saturday! I think the last movie I saw in a theater was Mama Mia...I don't get out much. I LOVE Chanel Mademoiselle / not a Chance fan. Will have to say NO to the stirrup pants. I have a 34 inch inseam and they are just all kinds of wrong on me. And finally, I have never eaten at Pei Wei... not even sure if we have them here in the ATL.

  8. Patsy: I loved TCBY--where did they all go? This place lets you choose all your toppings & before you know it your cup weighs a ton. I guess THAT is their ploy.

    I'm excited about the devotionals--even if we miss a day or two (or more???) something of an effort is better than none at all, right?!?! :)

  9. stirrup pants????


  10. I wore stirup pants in 7th grade and I thought for sure I was cool - now, I wonder at the mental abilities of the people bringing them back. And will anyone really wear them?

    Pei Wei is one of my favorites, I would love to live close to one of those! Love all those books and cute photo of A - she reminds of Nini!

  11. I rawked the stirrup's when I tipped the scale at 110 in high school...but now...yikes!!! Even then I am not sure it was a stellar look! I saw those maxis at Target TODAY! I doubted if I could/would/should pull it off, did not have time to look at them closely...but you have inspired me! You look adorable! I like Chance. It is my fall/winter fragrance.

  12. Thanks Michelle--I don't know, living by a Pei Wei could be dangerous. :)

    Thanks Brooke--glad I inspired you to give a Maxi dress a try.

    I seriously don't know what the fashion gurus are thinking bringing back stirrup pants!

  13. I really can't believe the stirrup pants...they were NO good the first time around, why try again!!!

  14. You are so right Marla! YUCK!

  15. Did you see any scrunchie socks and white Reebok high tops?
    On another note, loved hearing about your fun Saturday and love your necklace you're wearing, too!

  16. Oh I forgot about scrunchie socks and white Reebok high tops that velcroed across your ankles! Sigh.


  17. we watched Knowing last week. my son loved it (NOT for little kids-even my daughter was scared by it)

    also watched Phantom of the Opera the movie. very good!

  18. Hmm...haven't heard of Knowing, will look for it.

    We watched 17 Again on PPV and it was barely cute.

    You can't go wrong with Phantom!


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