Fall Decorating, Groundhog Day Style {and a giveaway}

Over the weekend I decided it was time for our house to at least look like it was fall in south Texas, even if it doesn't feel like it. If I build it, maybe it will come, right? A girl can hope.

After the last gourd was positioned just so, I realized I had decorated basically the same way last year. So, just to keep things interesting, let's play a little game (Am I the only one hearing "Shall we play a game?). Don't worry, this won't be Global Thermonuclear War, it's just fall decorating. All you have to do is take a peek back in time to see what see what differences you can spot compared to this year. You know, like the game in Highlights magazine. Leave a comment with at least one difference and I'll draw a winner on Friday, October 2. The lucky winner will receive some fall-ish good mail.

C'mon in and look around...

Foyer (I plan to buy some small real gourds soon, but until then, fake will have to do):

Dining Room:

Top of Family Room Armoire:

Mantel (Family Room):

One thing I love to change seasonally (or just when the mood strikes) is my write-on-me plate. I bought it years ago from Southern Living and L-O-V-E it. I usually write scriptures, sayings or holiday countdowns on it and change the ribbons for different holidays. Seeing it instantly makes me happy.

Of course, fall decorating goes much more smoothly with the the A/C & ceiling fans whirring, a cider candle burning and plenty of breaks to enjoy Lacie's Famous Fall Mix. Yumola!

Have you started decorating for fall yet? Is it truly fall where you live? Are you like me and decorate pretty much the same way each year or do you drastically shake things up?

What differences did YOU spot?


  1. sniff all my stuff is packed away for the move!! i went and bought some mums though!!

    don't forget to checkout the yummy salsa giveway http://runtothefinish.blogspot.com/2009/09/salsa-dancing.html

  2. The jackolantern plate is not on your mantel/mantle (how do you spell that??) you know the shelf over your fireplace Ha!!!!

    I ADORE fall and I plan on decorating Thursday. For some reason its just in my brain not to do it before October 1st.

    This kicks off the holiday season!! YIPPIE!

  3. Everything looks great! Ummm....as for me...I have been fall decorating since Labor Day weekend and I still am not quite done. Pretty soon my husband is going to stop with the subtle "honey are you done with these plastic bins" hints and throw the darn things in the trash.

  4. Very festive. We're seeing a lot of color in our neighborhood already so Fall has begun around here in the DC area. Cooler mornings/nights and temps in the 70's during the day. I love it. But our allergies are really starting to go nuts. :(

    I see a difference in how you decorated the top of your armoire - took it up a notch in height with those cute trees and brought in more orange. How does it look with your new rug?? The decorations are beautiful!

  5. WOW! You have some ambition. I haven't even thought about pulling all that stuff out. UGH! I do think, however, that I need to make Lacie's mix tonight for Young Women's. That's sort of fallish.

  6. Rochelle: Ha! Ambitious? Not really, just wanted to get more bang for my effort. Last year I waited a little later and it seemed like before I knew it, it was time to yank it down for Christmas decor.

    Anna: Thanks! I am so glad we kept the brown and orange, it makes the room seem so much cozier and warm. All the fall/halloween colors mix in nicely--now if the weather would just cooperate. :)

  7. You decorate your house so pretty! I want that plate!:)

    Also, I always read your blog through bloglines so I haven't seen the new look of the blog-love it!


  8. I'm impressed that you are able to do seasonal decorating in such hot weather. I am always so affected by the weather that I fear I wouldn't ever be able to feel festive if it still felt like summer. I suppose it's whatever you're used to though right? Anyway, everything looks beautiful, I love your house!

  9. Tree on the entertainment center and fan on the entertainment center... new verse! (does that count???) that wreath in the back door top... seriously, it is all SO stinking cute!!!

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