Five for Friday

Five somewhat random thoughts in no particular order. My favorite kind. Here we go...

1. I like fall and all but I haven't gotten into the full swing of fall decorating yet. Or any swing. I always seem to be a little late to fall's party, plus the fact it's still in the low 90s dampens my fall fever. I feel like a sweaty fall fraud.

Anyway, my point is, I do love fall scents and have already embraced them. I am currently infatuated with the Febreeze dual fragrance thingies, particularly the limited edition fall duo of pumpkin harvest and cranberry. I keep finding reasons to walk near it and pretend it's brisk outside, there's pumpkin pie in the oven and a fall wreath on the door.

2. Speaking of fragrance, I think a lady (an upper grade teacher, I believe) at Annelise's school passive aggressively mocked my fragrance today. I know that some people are sensitive to perfumes so I always try to spray lightly, but I do spray. My go to spray of late is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, it's delightful (in my opinion). As I was waiting outside Annelise's classroom, which is right beside the teacher's workroom, she walked by me on her way to the workroom. She then proceeded to mutter something along the lines of, " Whew, that's strong!" with an irritated eye roll thing. I didn't think anything at first, but then when she walked back by me, she deliberately coughed. Hack. Hack.

Excuse me?

If my olfactory system was similarly assaulted I don't think I would behave that way. I probably would have covered my nose with my hand or something and hurried along with my business. I think I would have handled it better if she had just told me directly.

So, now I'm curious, what do you do when your nose is assaulted by perfumes/colognes? Would you say something, passive aggressively mock it or deal & hurry?

3. In sad news, I somehow lost my beloved silver heart charm bracelet somewhere today. Scott gave it to me almost ten years ago and it came in a precious blue box. I'm so sad and feel so out of sorts, since I rarely took it off, I feel nekkid. I've rummaged and searched and called to no avail. I'm hoping I will stumble upon it. Fingers crossed.

4. The RSVPs have been rolling in for Annelise's friend birthday party this Saturday! We have been in full on Star Wars/Jedi training mode for the past few weeks and thankfully a lot of the big-ish things are done. Now it's last minute details and final touches like furniture moving and cupcake baking. Earlier in the week I was in a state of bliss over ten friends, that seemed so quaint and manageable. Now I am officially scared and coping by stress eating because in less than 48 hours, fifteen 3-7 year olds will be ringing our doorbell ready to be trained as Jedi knights and entertained for two hours. Fifteen.

Deep cleansing breath.

5. Oh, did I forget to mention that there also seems to be an 80% chance of rain this weekend? Along with the fifteen small children coming to our house? Looks like we'll have to come up with a Plan B for our backyard Jedi Agility Course. It may have to be a Jedi Garage Course. Or something. Hope they don't mind.

We may have to call upon The Force.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I know what you mean about not feeling fallish yet. It's still hot outside and the leaves are still on the trees so I'm not feeling it yet either.

    That teacher was incredibly rude about your perfume! I have a super sniffer and am offended by perfumes, but would never say or do anything to indicate that (unless it was a family member). I just switch to mouth breathing or move away if possible. I'm embarrassed for her behavior.

    I hope you find your bracelet!

    Wow, 15 kids at the birthday party, may the force be with you!

  2. I hope your day only gets better from this point. I am appalled that "the teacher"(?) was so openly rude. Seriously. She must not teach manners in her class. One thing I have noticed as I age is my inability to keep my mouth shut when I feel offended like that. So, be glad I wasn't standing beside you to defend you. Secondly, your charm bracelet. AWKKK. Did you look down along the seats of your car? That is a good place for bracelets to fall. And the birthday party? Time will fly. Now you are thinking what have I done? Later, you'll be thinking, "Look what we did." Memories galore.

  3. I'm sorry about your bracelet, I hope you find it! Last year it downpoured during Max's detective training bday party so I understand about switching up the plans last-minute. Hand me over one of those cupcakes, I'm remembering how stressful it was! Good luck!

  4. They won't mind.

    I think that teacher was super rude. I'm not too happy when cigarrette smoke wafts under my nose, but I am hopefully not that rude. Even so, I think it's MUCH more justified than PERFUME!? Hello!? If you didn't have any self-pride, it would be fun to walk past her with major b.o. and then give her something to fret about. Rude.

  5. sorry but I am one of those sensitive smellers...I try not to say anything rude or act rude, but sometimes I do just have to move and I do often cough, can't help that...though I hope I would not mutter, especially in that kind of a situation...

    good luck on the party!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, I so hear you on the fall fraud. It's cooled down to 101 here, and I find myself feeling a bit envious when people blog about feeling that crisp fall air in the mornings. It's really hard to feel pumpkin-y when it still feels like swimming weather.

    Woah, that teacher was rude! That's just an awkward situation for further encounters with her, too. So sorry! I'm sure you smell lovely!

    I hope you find your bracelet, and that the party worked out better than expected!


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