Something's Missing

I'll give you one guess as to what it might be.

After much waiting, wiggling and wondering exactly WHEN it would come out, Annelise's first loose tooth came out Sunday afternoon. Yes folks, Elvis has finally left the building.

With a little help, she composed a letter to the Tooth Fairy to document this momentous occasion:
And was pleased as punch Monday morning to discover her efforts were not in vain.

Since it was her first, the Tooth Fairy was overly generous, leaving a whopping $5.00. The poor Tooth Fairy must be unaware of these harsh economic times and the number of teeth to follow.

To Annelise though, the joy of losing her first tooth is truly priceless and can not be contained.



  1. so cute!! $5.00 is such a steal when i think back to the $1,000 jack requested... (the "going rate" in his world...)

  2. I must say that I have never seen such a proud toothless grin. She is beaming. Priceless pictures. I have one of Heather's daddy pulling her tooth and Ashley's head is practically in her mouth watching waiting for the blood. They are both in their jammies sitting on my dining room table and you can see the string in Gordon's hand.

    Let me add that I love that the tooth fairy uses ziplocs.

  3. congrats, miss A! Gigi lost her first one on the last day of 1st grade....! Then within 2 weeks she lost the other front/lower tooth...I pulled both of them with needle nose pliers! (we are cawntry!)
    We must have the same tooth fairy, cause she got $5 for the first one too! :)

  4. I love the note she wrote the tooth fairy, it's adorable!

    Wow, $5 for her first tooth, that's a score!

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  6. I LOVE IT!
    it is so exciting... the tooth fairy has been known to "be so busy that she comes late" at our house...ooops. they start coming out fast-

    YES $5 for the first tooth - so worth it! :)

  7. also- being the mean mom that I am... I told my kids a while back that a tooth with a cavity in it - is yuck- tooth fairy doesn't want those or give money for them. It helps to get them to brush- sometimes... :)

  8. Wow, what a generous tooth fairy! Ours gives 75 cents for the first tooth, and 50 cents for each subsequent one. Of course, she has to consider the fact that there are five kids in the house. She forgot to visit the second grader last night. Oops.

  9. I know, I think the Tooth Fairy went a little overboard, but since it was the first tooth and all. Future teeth will not be so lucky.

    Yes, Ziplocs are a must have these days. All the Tooth Fairies carry them. :)

  10. yeah, Annelise!! I know she was so ready for her tooth to come out and to have that visit from the toothfairy! It looks like she was pleased! haha!

    She looks too cute!

  11. I love the note for the tooth fairy. What a precious time in her life. I'm glad you're documenting everything! and I'm very glad you're sharing it all with us.

  12. I love the note for the tooth fairy. What a precious time in her life. I'm glad you're documenting everything! and I'm very glad you're sharing it all with us.

  13. yay for Annelise!

    wow! $5!! our tooth fairy gave $1 for the first and last one. .25-.50 for the others. unless it was a late visit. then the price always went up! (a tooth fairy w/ a guilty conscience!)

  14. Yeah, the Tooth Fairy spoiled her--just for the first one. :)

  15. Wasn't it a great mom-moment too? (not the actual pulling part...eww...but oh the pride!!)


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