A Bit of Random, A Bit of Happy

Let's call it random happiness. The following are examples of such randomness. And happiness. In no particular order (hence the randomness):

I am almost finished reading the John Adams biography. I have loved every single minute of it! I can't convey how captivating and enjoyable this book has been, not a dry, yawn inducing biography at all. To think about that period in our country's history, all the men that came together at just the perfect time to declare our independence and then work to create our government, is inspiring. I also love the correspondence documented between John and Abigail and many other key historical figures. Letter writing seems to be sadly becoming a lost art. The fact that we watched the HBO miniseries (through Netflix) last year may have helped too. In a weak moment I ordered the series from Amazon because it truly is something we could watch again and again.

I am hooked on listening to Pandora radio through our docking station speakers. Big dose of happy there. Speaking of favorite apps, I am also addicted to the white noise app. for sleeping. How did I manage before?

Once again, I'm trying something new. This time, it's Shakeology, a meal replacement or supplement type shake. I'm using it for my breakfast. I like the taste and the fact that I'm getting nutrients I'm sure are sorely lacking in my diet. We'll see, I'll keep you posted.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess I bought Oreos yesterday. Obviously I'm conflicted about this health kick.

I will also confess I am a lazy shower cleaner, waiting until it's completely disgusting before attacking. I know. Are we still friends? I think I hated cleaning it because I'd get water and cleaner everywhere, even bleaching out spots on my clothes. Yuck. The other day I had a shower epiphany. Clean the shower while I'm in the shower, then take my shower. Get it? Y'all, I've been reformed. Why didn't I think of that before?

Annelise is really getting into Legos. Can you hear my happy dance from here? This little RV camper has been on our counter/bar for over a week, but I'm okay with that because she hops up onto the bar stools every single day to play/re-build. I don't think she's ready for the giganto kits yet (neither are we!), but the moderately sized ones are good. I like the City line because it's not too specialized, maybe inviting more general creative play. Which Lego themes do your kids like? Any tips on finding good deals on them?

On a purely superficial note, I must rave about my new purse. I fell head over heels at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago and could not resist. I love the style, size, and punchy but still neutral-ish color. Oh and if you could only touch it, it's like butter I tell you, butter. Well, okay, maybe not butter per se, but it's dreamy soft.

Must share Annelise's latest art. I think it's a rodeo, with fireworks. And butterflies.

A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at making a Shutterfly 8X8 photo book for Annelise's recent soiree. I promise NOT to abandon scrapbooking, but I must admit this was pretty fast and easy. And now it's done and sitting on our shelf, which is a good thing.

After taking our recent porch pictures, I realized how lazy I had become about taking photos. Whether big moments or hum drum daily moments, I have not been capturing them with my camera. Somebody slap me. Thank you. I also want to practice more with my settings, perspective and general camera skills. I also, desperately, want to make heads or tails of Photoshop Elements. All I know how to do is get frustrated and close my computer almost in tears. I just found out about Pioneer Woman's photography and her Photoshop tips/tutorials, so fingers crossed I can make some headway with her help.
I guess that's plenty of random happiness for one day. Or happy randoms, depending on how you look at it.


  1. I absolutely fell in love with this mini series. I must confess we also bought the book, but I never got around to reading it. We watched the whole series in a matter of days - inspiring - truly.

  2. We need to watch that series! I love all the random, so fun to read these kinds of posts of yours (I love them all, though). Yeah for Legos. They seem to go on sale more often at Target but I can't be sure. You have to buy something online at least once so you can get the quarterly catalogs...talk about good mail!

  3. You are my hero!

    Have you ever checked out Me Rah Koh's blog

    She has some dvd's out that are pretty good! I was able to find them at my library. One is called "beyond the green box" and the other "refuse to say cheese."

  4. Loved both the John Adams series and book. It is fascinating to me that there was a collection of people with the intelligence and vision and will to start our government. It is crazy.

    You should read Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious Cause by Jeff Shaara. It is historical fiction about that era.

  5. I read McCullough's John Adams and watched the movie, too. That led me to read a biography about Abigail Adams. I had planned to read more, but then other things came up...

    I've found Legos at yard sales, but you know how that is - sort of a like a treasure hunt and you never know if this is the day!

    Have a great weekend!


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