Five {or Ten} for Friday: Reveling in Randomness

Because random is fun, it requires little, if any, coherence, and provides a place for those daily snippets that, while wonderful, do not warrant their own post. They may not even warrant this one, but I'm venturing forth anyway.

1. The clear sky and these two little clouds made me happy during my run that quickly became a walk Wednesday. I got a later start than I should have and it was HOT. Welcome to the joy that is fall in Texas, cold one day, steaming the next.

2. These two pictures are from our trip to get pumpkins last week. Okay, it wasn't much of a trip, more of a stop by the nursery. Still.

3. Meet my new favorite way to eat a burger:

wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. It's lighter that way, fresher, and not so guilt inducing. Plus you have more room for fries. We've become almost weekly fans of Mooyah Burger (similar to the Five Guys Burgers & Fries chain). After seeing two fit, healthy looking people eat lettuce burgers I thought I'd try it (think Liz Lemon on 30Rock "I want to go to there.") and I love it.

4. In case you were wondering, I'm still wearing my boyfriend jeans. I think I have washed them since I posted about them though. Maybe. What am I doing in that picture?

5. About to take pictures of my Dad and Peggy's motor home and his Harley so he can post them on Craig's List. After several attempts, phone calls, me biting my tongue and trying not to bang my head against the wall, he got them posted. Remember, this is the man who never originates emails, but does forward them. Bless. Anyone in the market for a motor home or a motorcycle?

6. Lately I have become a fan of Walgreens. I don't know if it's because I'm lazy or afraid I'll buy too much at TarJay (or both), but popping into Walgreens is less overwhelming and so much easier. I had to stock up on Halloween candy for our Trunk or Treat. I may have gone a little overboard. Maybe I was hungry?

7. Wednesday night after Bible class, our church hosted a Trunk or Treat. I guess that could be considered a conflict of interest if you think about it too hard, but the kids didn't think that hard. They just wanted some candy. Since it was damp and threatening to rain, they set things up inside our fellowship building. I guess it was more of a Table or Treat.

8. Can you guess who Annelise was?

Since she was so over Laura Ingalls this year, she was Padme Amidala from Star Wars (of course), complete with an orange blaster and twirly bun.

Here she is with some fellow Table Treaters:

9. Annelise got her first Kindergarten report card this week. Such a milestone! Her teacher commented that Annelise needs to talk a little less and let others solve their own problems. For some reason this completely cracked me up because 1.) she's a girl and b.) she's a GIRL.

10. For the life of me, I can't think of a number ten. You're welcome.

Hope your weekend is fabulous and chock full of candy. Boo!


  1. Kudos to you for running and walking, especially in the heat. I know that would always be a deal breaker for me.

    We didn't get pumpkins this year since I was on my trip in the middle of the month I guess, but it feels kind of weird to not have them on the porch.

    I haven't ever tried a lettuce-wrapped burger.

    It seems like almost all girls in school get told they need to talk less, that's funny.

  2. where is mooyah burger? I have been wanting a burger but never like any unless we grill them ourselves....

    btw,on my son's report card in one class it says "too talkative. contributes positively". that made me laugh!

  3. Silken: Mooyah Burger is on Bay Area Blvd. in that newish strip center near Chipotle and Firehouse Subs.

    We like it. Be warned though that a regular burger has 2 patties, so we order junior burgers.


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