Friday Flashbacks: The Prairie Years

At the height of the Little House on the Prairie craze that completely captivated most little girls between the ages 6 and 12 during the mid-1970s, my mom found a new hobby. Sewing bonnets. There I am, proudly sporting the red calico posing with my cousins who sported yellow and blue. Right after that photo was snapped, I'm sure we scampered off across my Aunt Bernice's pasture to act out the most recent episode. We might have argued over who would be Laura, though the predicament was probably solved based on hair color, since I was brown headed, my cousins, fair and blond.

My mom soon took it a step further and started sewing long prairie style dresses with matching bonnets. And small string purses. Give my mom a good theme and she ran with it.

Annelise and I have read some of the Little House on the Prairie books and have enjoyed watching Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD together. I love that I am able to share something I absolutely L-O-V-E-D as a young girl, with my sweet little girl. I love that she knows Pa, Ma, Mary, Carrie, Mr. Edwards and all the town folk. I love that I can say not to act like Nellie Olson and she knows exactly what I mean. I love that it was a show about a family that a family could watch together. I love that they talked about God, they mentioned the Bible and showed people at church (without making it seem bizarre or something to poke fun at). It makes me sad there isn't anything like Little House on the Prairie on TV these days, yet thankful for DVDs at the same time.

I almost had Annelise convinced she should be Laura Ingalls for Halloween this year. There was talk of sewing a costume, complete with bonnet and how she had the perfect length hair for Laura's braids. She was this close to giving in.

Then we got a Party City catalog and before you could say Half-Pint, Laura was on the back burner.

Well...there's always next year.


  1. "and before you could say Half-Pint" Oh Lord, you just cracked me up.

  2. I also LOVED Laura and co growing up. Really thought I was somehow related to her. My oldest boy and I have enjoyed reading the first few of the Little House books, although he was slightly turned off when he saw necklaces attached to the books at Borders. Why do they do that??? Anyway, we discovered this fantastic Little House On The Prairie mini-series (2 DVD's, total of about 5 hours) at our library this past summer. It was made by Disney channel or Hallmark channel or someone a few years ago. It follows the Ingalls as they leave Wisconsin and first settle in Kansas. All three of my boys (ages 8, 6, 3) were transfixed by the show. Some heavy topics came up -- mainly, the opinions and treatment of the native people who were already there -- but that's good too! I tell just about everyone with little kids about these DVD's. Check it out - it's great!

  3. Love that! How cool that your mom made those things for you. And I cannot resist commenting on that HUGE TV in the background in pic #2. You could tell your sweet girl about the "olden days" when you had to get up out of the chair to turn the channel.

  4. LOVE the prairie phase outfits!!! YOur mom rocked! :)

    Sadly, I still have not read the books - gasp! But Love the show!:)

  5. I had a prairie-style nightgown, but never a dress. You're so lucky. :)

  6. never saw the show growing up, but read the books to both my kids and my daughter did dress as Laura Ingalls one year, though she was around 9.

  7. I have loved sharing Little house with my daughter too. We SO need another show like that on tv. If I see one more obnoxious Hannah Montana show, I'm going to pull a Nellie. Where's all the good family tv?

  8. I love these photos- rock star mom making those cool bonnets & all!!

    I have to admit.....I didn't like the series- can we still be friends? My friends & I used to make fun of the drama & crying all the time.
    someone was always crying on that show. (sorry) I did get the books for my girls & they have read at least the first couple. The books- never read them- I know!? You are crossing me off your blog list ASAP. maybe I should go back & give them a try?

  9. I love the outfits! I know where you get your creativity from...

    Also, I love the clock hanging behind you and the box TV! We had one of those box TV's, too! So, 1970! :)

    Missed you today....Love ya!

  10. The books are really good, but also very detailed--which you have to be in the mood for, like when the process of butchering and rendering a hog or making butter is explained for several pages.

    That last picture was taken at my aunt's house, but we did have one of those console tvs too. Could it have been more like fake furniture? And no remote!

    I remember being slightly disappointed (after obsessing about the show) when I read a biography of Laura Ingalls and saw pictures of the family--like, where were Micheal Landon and Melissa Gilbert?

  11. My Mom must have had the same idea book! LOL I have a picture of me, my sisters and cousin in bonnets, prairie dresses and the string purses. All homemade of course. Thanks for helping me relive the memory!


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