Friday Flashbacks

In an effort to deal with the shoe boxes full of photos, newspaper clippings, cards and ephemera, saved by my grandparents and parents, I made a decision. I may one day get some of them saved in albums or at least organized and labeled to the best of my ability, then again I may not. They might remain a jumbled mess of forgotten memories.
The least I can do is document some of them through Friday Flashbacks. What exactly are those you wonder? Well, in a nutshell, I will post a picture (or two) from those old shoe boxes and tell it's story if I am able, if not, maybe I'll make one up.
Because every picture, every person has a story.

This is my mom, sometime in the mid-60s, when she worked as a secretary for a group of lawyers.
I have become slightly obsessed with the series Mad Men. It's a time capsule back to 1960s New York and it's captivating. The drama, the sets, the complex characters, the wardrobe (Oh my goodness the wardrobe!!), the dialogue, the cigarettes...it's all so good (well, maybe not so much the alcohol, cigarettes and adultery). Does Don Draper have a soul? I don't know, but I'm fascinated by him anyway.
When I stumbled across this photo, I immediately thought about Mad Men and what it must have been like to work in a male dominated environment. I know my mom was a fast typist and could write shorthand well, but did she like being a secretary? I don't know. Was she called sweetheart and condescended to by the men she worked with? I don't know. Did she wear a girdle? I don't know. Was a secretary all she aspired to be? I don't know.
She looks happy. And I like her necklace.


  1. She's gorgeous, just like you. That is seriously the coolest picture. What a treasure!

  2. What a cool picture to have!

    Randy and I watched the first disc of Season 1 of Mad Men but couldn't take all the smoking or the political incorrectness. I think the show looks great and is interesting, but it was hard for us to take so we stopped watching it.

  3. I love that picture of your mom, Holly! It is priceles.

    I can't wait to dive into Mad Men...... :)

  4. Jill: You are right, it's heavy on the political incorrectness--except back then I guess that's just the way it was. No one raised an eyebrow. Interesting.

  5. Holly you look exactly like your mom! What a great picture!

  6. Wow, Holly, you look just like your momma. What a great photo. Thanks for sharing.


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