Social Schmedia

Personally, I think almost everything sounds better when you add a sch sound, especially if it helps with the quirky alliteration complex habit you have. For instance, I call Taco Bell, Taco Schmell because it alludes to the greasy nastiness you are about to indulge in, yet can not deny. Based on this sch factor, I have started to refer to blogging, Facebook and Twitter not as social media, but social schmedia.

While on one hand I acknowledge it's usefulness, entertainment and avenues to express one's self, I must also acknowledge it's time sucking, brain numbing, and potential dangers. Hence, social schmedia.

Blogging, obviously, is a big hobby of mine. I started blogging almost three years ago and noticed I have created around 600 posts. Seriously? Is seems to be true. I can't say that every post has been worthwhile, but each post allowed me to express myself, or a snippet of myself, in some way. Thoughts, feelings, family stories, vacations, silly happenings, et cetera, et cetera...et ceterAH (think Yul Brynner in The King and I). Do I spend too much time doing it? Absolutely. Sometimes. Okay, a lot. Balance and moderation are not always my strong points.

I joined Facebook earlier this year. Why? 'Cuz every one was talking about it. I am in many ways, in case you haven't noticed, a lemming. In the beginning it was so fun to find people I didn't really know I had lost and catch up with college friends, etc. Now, {shrugs shoulders} to me, Facebook is just okay. It's a way to post pictures, brief thoughts or maybe make announcements/share information. I like it because I am nosy and it's a perfect way to be nosy. I will say though, without a doubt, I think the games, quizzes, and send-it thingies are stupid with a capital S. Hate me.

Now, on to Twitter. I started Twittering earlier this year too and promptly stopped because I had no earthly idea what I was doing. A couple of months ago I started up again and am having much more fun with it now. I still don't *get* all of it, but I'm using it. Why? Because it's fun to share a thought, feeling, idea, link or photo in 140 characters or less. It's also fun to Tweet via your phone when you are out and about throughout your day. (I have Tweetie and TweetDeck installed on my phone.) By following different people, some I know in real life, most I do not; some in similar life circumstances, most in different walks of life, it's like an eclectic dinner party. Through tweets, I have stumbled across several interesting links I would not otherwise have known about. Like I said, I'm still figuring my way through Twitter, and am not using it to it's full potential (whatever that is, though I'm sure it's different for each person). Jo-Lynne, at Musings of a Housewife shared some Twitter tips I found helpful, maybe you will too. Also, here is another useful Twitter guide posted by Michael Hyatt.

All forms of social schmedia are ways to connect, to create friendships and share common interests. Silly and unrealistic as it may sound, I like my virtual friends all across the country--maybe even the world. Bloggy friends, Facebook friends, Tweeps (not, mind you, twerps), it's all good.

If we are not already Tweeps (you know, Twitter followers), or if I have somehow persuaded you to give Twitter a whirl, let me know your Twitter user name so I can follow you. My Twitter name is @marathonbird (big surprise). If you want to follow me, and you know you do, just click on my sidebar under my Twitter Tweet Tweet (say that three times fast) section. It'll be fun!

What do you think about all this social schmedia anyway? Let's discuss...


  1. I am @jillianinc (we already follow each other!) but I rarely tweet, twitter or whatever. I LOVE reading other peoples' but don't feel like I have anything of substance to tweet myself.

  2. i believe you are already familiar with my kind of addiction.

  3. Jillian: Ha! I can't say my tweets have any substance--but it's still fun.

    Lelly: Which one wins in your book, FB or Twitter? My guess is FB due to the like button. :)

  4. Since hardly anyone I know in real life comments on my blog anymore, I like FB for that. LOVE the like button. Haven't tried Twitter probably because another distraction would be the death of me and those I love but it's so fun to read collectively on someone's sidebar.

    Also, I'm with you about the FB quizzes, games, etc. Mike says there's a way to read status updates without getting those.

  5. Anna: I agree, Twitter is another distraction. It's funny, some days I have nothing to say on it and on other days I tweet a lot.

  6. I use all three forms you mention. I am like you on FB, I like the status updates, but I skip all the quizzes and applications and games and such. I love that ignore button.

    Twitter is fun! I tell my friends that it is like having someone to share that random thought with during the day when in the midst of being a mom. It has definitely taken a lot of the isolation of stay-home parenting away for me. And I too enjoy the random links and such I wouldn't normally find.

  7. Facebook = Wastebook enough said.

  8. Nicole: I think that's what I like so much about Twitter, having a place to share short random thoughts or happenings--whatever the nature-during the day.

    Kim: You said it right.


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