The Truth? You Want The Truth?

You can't handle the truth! (imagine my best Jack Nicholson voice)

That title barely has anything to do with this post, it popped in my head and I went with it.

This time last year I was in Washington D.C. getting ready to run in the Marine Corps Marathon. One of the BEST weekends and BEST experiences ever.

This time this year, well...{shuffles feet, shrugs sheepishly} I'm not really running anywhere. Sigh.

Moving right along...

I have worn the same outfit for the last three days. Is that gross? Well, let me clarify at least a little. Each day I have only worn it for about three or four hours, so all in all it really only adds up to barely a day. At least the way I do math.

Said outfit consists of one of those short-sleeved-sweater-swingie-thingies that I've worn over a black tank; boyfriend jeans and flats. Today, for a punch, I went with red flats.

The boyfriend jean may be my new favorite jean {well, obviously}. They are comfy and, to me, they say casual yet fun since you can roll up the legs. Now, I ask you, are they supposed to just be rolled up or are they supposed to be pegged (kind of folded in against your ankle, then rolled up), like I did in the late 80s early 90s? I can't decide. I don't know if I can bring myself to peg them, or whatever that's called.

Now, on to one of my favorite topics. Make-up. For the two weeks or so I have been trying a new look. Sort of. The idea is to have a muted, neutral eye and a strong liner. On a whim, two Saturdays ago, I visited the MAC counter and pretended I was young and hip for a few minutes and described the look I was aiming for.

She helped me choose Painterly (like a shadow base), Brule (beige shadow) and Wedge (medium brown shadow). I also walked away with Boot Black liquid eyeliner, Subculture lip liner and Hue lipstick (a nude gasp! color).

Over the last couple of weeks I've learned that liquid eyeliner CAN NOT be rushed. And that there is a fine line between neutrally nice and all out ho.

So, I don't know. Every day it looks a little different, some days probably bordering on ho. Today was more neutral. What do you think?

My inner Texas beauty pageant girl (not that I was one or anything, but still...), thinks the black could be a wee bit bolder. Maybe I'm not making the line dramatic enough? Should I extend it a little further? Without going all Cleopatra of course.

Here's the eyes wide open look:

I don't know. Maybe I'll force myself to go back to the MAC counter and ask them to do my eyes for me. That scares me ever so slightly, because most of their clientele are probably young hip singles seeking the smoky eye look before they hit the clubs, not almost on the flip side of forty moms wearing the same outfit for three days in a row.


  1. I LOve that! I love the eye liner- really gorgeous & perfectly done. That looks hard to do?
    Maybe I will brave the mac counter...

    my daughter (the baby mama) lives in mac.

    You look fabulous- I say- go to the counter! They would love to have you... women our age have more money-- :)

  2. love the post... and the outfit... and the make up... so what's the deal with the boyfriend jean.. is that an actual new kind of jean, or just a way to wear your jeans... where do you get them... I'm always looking for some new jeans!

  3. roll the jeans. do NOT peg. we are NOT going back to pegging, right? RIGHT?!?

    see, i am much more a heavier shadow, light eye liner girl. except when i'm on stage. or, i switch it up a little if i'm wearing my glasses.

    and it all comes from the Cover Girl aisle at the pharmacy. gotta get some color on this hair before i'll brave the big bad MAC counter!!

  4. Tammy: Boyfriend jeans are just a style of jeans, lot of different brands are making them. Mine are from Old Navy and are technically called The Weekender. They have a loose, slouchy fit, straight legs you can roll up and are usually quite distressed. They are very comfy!

  5. LOVE the ho look--I do it often, myself; but as it happens, only at night when I go out with my girlies or on a (very occasional) date. I should take a cue from my Texan beauty queen & actually--gasp!--do myself up for the DAYTIME, when people see me.

    I love Wedge--it's a makeup bag mainstay! Git yer buns to the MAC counter! They'll love you!

    Last thing: isn't your birthday coming soon? Email me & let me know...I don't want to miss it.

  6. I totally love the look of black liquid liner on upper lids but I think it looks terrible on me. 'Cause none of my upper lid shows when my eyes are open (not that I'm totally sure I will need an eye lift age 50 or anything). And who can get that liner straight anyway? NOT ME. But it looks great on you!


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