It's Come Down to This

Blogging on a Saturday night. Do I live on the edge or what?

Since we can't watch Friday Night Lights until January (Boo. Hiss.), we decided to catch the last football game of my alma mater Friday night. I had been nursing a headache for a few hours but downed some ibuprofen and put on my best game face. We ran in to some friends and sat with them which made the game more fun. Annelise and Kamri cheered, watched, chatted, ate popcorn, peanuts and candy and played spies (this was a HIT, they crouched down and spied on everyone underneath the bleachers).

We (Clear Creek) were playing our big rival team, Clear Lake with a chance at the playoffs riding on this last game. Sadly, we lost, 28 to 20. It's funny, when I was in high school there were two high schools in our district (Creek and Lake), now there are four with another opening next year. Talk about urban sprawl.
The girls were also treated to some perks. Mrs. Edna, a lady from our church and a teacher at the high school was so sweet to take Annelise and Kamri to meet some of the cheerleaders, Willie the Wildcat and some band members too. They LOVED it!
Since my supper consisted of a few peanuts, a few sips of shared Sprite and some Skittles, needless to say my headache came back by the time the game was wrapping up. I was beyond ready to scrape my contacts out and hit the hay.
Saturday morning, Scott got up at the hiney crack of dawn to go play golf. Annelise and I both slept in a bit (praise and glory) then got ourselves together to go to TarJay. On a Saturday. Blech. I H-A-T-E driving near the mall on a Saturday, but since I had waited until the last possible moment to buy a birthday present (1.5 hours before the party), we had to venture into shopper purgatory.
Once again, we put on our game faces.

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to shop for school friend birthday parties. Since I don't really know the children very well it's hard to pick out something they would like. I have this unwritten rule that a birthday present for a school friend should cost no more than $15-$20 (preferably $15). I also try to apply the rule of Would I Want This In My House? (especially to crafty things that come with glitter/glue/beads/8,689 small parts or dolls of questionable character/mature clothing and accessories.) We looked down Barbie row, paused beside the crafty things, wavered about the Pixos and Chixos, glanced at games, bypassed stuffed life-like animals that require batteries and ended up on the Lego aisle.
This was good. I like Legos. Annelise likes Legos. Therefore, we shall buy Legos.
I mentioned before how much Annelise loved building and playing with the Lego City RV camper, so when she saw it on the shelf she wanted to get it for her school friend. It met my criteria, so I agreed. I also asked her if she'd like to get the same set for her other school friend's (whose party happens to be tomorrow), so we grabbed another one. We then made a beeline for the gift bags, tissue and cards. How much do I lurrve one stop bullseye shopping?!?!
Since we still had a little time before the party we hit the $ spot to gather items for Annelise's shoebox gifts. Every year her school collects shoeboxes filled with small gifts for a child in need (part of the Operation Christmas Child) and has a special chapel before the Thanksgiving holidays begin. I'm usually such a terrible procrastinator (hello, present shopping 1.5 hours before party), but at least I'll get this project done ahead of time. I felt a little guilty having $30 worth of Legos in my cart for two school friends and then shopping the $ Spot for trinkets for a needy child. (Not that I'm anti-$ Spot at all, I'm not, I love it and you can find some really good things there.) At least $ Spot shopping allows you to buy lots of little things, so maybe it all evens out.
We then went to the birthday party which was at a local Little Gym. Annelise had a great time doing all the gymnastics and playing with her friends. When it came time to open presents, all the kids gathered around the birthday girl. There were oohs and aahs over the various girly craft/princess/Barbie themed gifts. One of the biggest ooh-aah was over a plastic winged horse. I began to fear I had made the wrong call on the gift.
Then she opened Annelise's gift.
And said, "Oh. It's Legos."
And went right to the next present.
I hope tomorrow's birthday girl is more of a fan of creative building play.
On the way home from the party we stopped at a Dollar Tree (lurrve Dollar Tree) to look for more shoebox items. Annelise asked me to buy her a small journal with Troy from High School Musical on it. I suggested she choose a larger notebook or drawing pad because she would get more paper, ergo more drawing power. She was stuck on Troy. We reached a stalemate. I told her to either choose a bigger pad or if she really wanted Troy she had to give me a $1.00 plus tax from her piggy bank when we got home.
I know. I'm so mean.
Scott got home from his golf outing soon after we got home. While I was in the bathroom, she hit him up. When I came out, she handed me a crisp $1.00 bill. Since it wasn't crumpled, I figured she had asked him for the money (the clever stinker). I told her to give it back and get me a $1.00 and a dime from her piggy bank, which she did.
I know. I'm so mean.
On a funny end note, this is Annelise's first aid kit. Yes, she made it herself.

For weeks, even months, she wanted us to buy her a first aid kit. Begged even. When this did not yield fruit, she put together her own.
I know. I'm so mean.
She found an empty wipe container, decorated it (grinning from ear to ear because I let her use Sharpies), and gathered a few things from our medicine cabinet. A few band-aids, Q-tips, gauze, an Ace bandage, some Purell and Calomine lotion. She was in hog heaven.
This afternoon Scott bumped his head on the golf cart and came home with a scrape. Nurse Annelise went into action. She dabbed it with a wet cotton ball (as water dripped down his face), mopped that up with a paper towel, and then sprayed Bactine on his head. We stopped her before she busted out the Calomine lotion.
Also, in the five hours since purchasing the Troy journal, she has already used at least 10-15 pages. I did not say I told you so.
I know. I'm not that mean.


  1. KAMRI!!! Oh, I am so lucky to see TWO of my favorite girls in one picture! The girls look like they might just be friends for life...

    I have a few of those wonderful girlfriends too!!!

    Ok, we LOVE Legos at our house! I think that was a SUPER gift! Use that imagination!

    Ok, Holly! 1.5 hours before the party...Hee Hee! YOur crazy friend (Me) would have bought the gift like a month before. Potato...Potaato! It all gets done and put in the same bag!

    Miss ya!

  2. aww, man! We almost came to the game. I wish I would have known yall were going. I know the girls had a blast. What fun to get to get a tour from Ms. Edna! :)

    I know you are glad your weekend of b'day parties are over. ha! And just to let you know, I also buy b'day presents about 1.5 hours before the party...running through Target. Big surprise.

  3. I have resorted to gift cards for most birthday gifts. I also have a ten dollar limit most of the time. I have a lot of kids that get invited to a lot of parties, ten bucks is all I can afford. I usually give a Target card, very versatile. For godchildren or friends we know well I might buy an actual gift and increase the budget a little bit, but not a lot. And we make our own cards and I usually have plain white gift bags or craft paper to be decorated as wrapping.

    You are not mean. You are practical. I would have worked out a similar arrangement regarding the journal/notebook.

  4. I find it very hard to buy birthday gifts for school friends, so I feel your pain on this. The Legos sound like a great idea, too bad the Winged horse stole the show.

    Good for you for having her pay for the Troy notebook herself!

    The first aid kit is so cute!

  5. Thanks for the idea of a gift card Nicole. That would be helpful especially when I don't know the child very well (likes/dislikes).

    It really bothers me to buy overpriced toys that seem junky (yet they are all the advertised rage). I hope the little girl ends up playing with the Lego set!

    By the end of the weekend Annelise had used up almost half of the Troy journal.

  6. i now love the dollar spot at target! I filled mackenzie's stocking on saturday and only spent $13! On christmas day she will have 6 new books and a bunch of other stuff! WooHoo - thank goodness for dollar bins/stores! :)

  7. love it! I'm mean too! my son wanted to drive MY car to the "other YMCA". I said no way. he can drive the ugly, stinky, no a/c, chugging car that we have graciously allowed him to drive!! :)

    maybe A could make first aid kits for future birthday presents...at least you know they'd get used!! :)


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