Let's Do Lunch

I am nothing if not a creature of habit, even when it comes to packing Annelise's lunch each morning. Most days involve the following:

*a sandwich (either PB&J or ham and colby jack)
*a hard boiled egg
*yogurt or applesauce
*fruit and/or veggies (either carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumber)
*a cheese stick (if it's PB&J day)
*sometimes graham crackers or goldfish

Something that has become a tradition is a little sticky note from me stuck to the inside of her lunch box. She looks forward each day to my silly little sayings or pictures and might be upset if I forgot to add a note one morning. Who knew?

I can't say I'm overly green in my packaging, I use baggies, plastic wrap, paper napkins and plastic spoons. I could probably improve on that. The other day when we were at the grocery store she saw a plastic Crayola sandwich carrier and almost fell on her knees begging in aisle 8.

I gave in.

So now I'll use that instead of baggies, at least for her sandwich. Just doing my part for the environment you know.

She hasn't complained about her lunches, she still seems to like what I pack and usually eats it all. But I want to be prepared just in case. So I am turning to you, my bloggy buddies, to share your lunch ideas so I can have some back-ups if I'm ever in a lunch box crisis.

What do you usually pack for your child's (children's) lunch? Do you pack green or are baggies your best friend? Any tips on that?

Thanks friends!


  1. Honestly, I don't pack lunches...the kids eat at school. But I did want to chime in that I am not very green either. I {heart} ziploc baggies and go through paper towels like no tomorrow. I may spend eternity in a waste dump somewhere as punishment.

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  3. My kids usually eat in the cafeteria but all summer bring lunch to camp. They are doing equestrian day camp the week of thanksgiving so we will need to send lunch for that too. I go as green as I can. I did a post a few months ago about the fabric pouches with velcro closures I use.
    I pack along the same lines as you do as far as food. Griffin loves wheat thins. If they want something sweet I will add a fruit leather or a Larabar (basically dates and nuts - all raw, vegan, organic). Luci likes some raw desserts - like a mock "cookie dough" that I make with agave, quinoa. rolled oats, chopped cashews, and vegan chocolate chips. Applesauce and pearsauce are winners too as well as dried apricots and prunes. Both of mine like nuts and seeds - raw or roasted unsalted cashews especially. Griffin likes meat roll ups - basically turkey and cheese rolled, like a sandwhich with no bread. Luci is protesting meat at this point and tells me she wants "cruelty free" meals, btw! Griffin still likes the YoBaby yogurt that he has been eating since he was an infant. Luci likes kashi bars. Griffin will take his veggies raw with dip but Luci prefers hers cooked which is difficult for lunch. She does like baby carrots dipped in nut butter - either almond butter or peanut butter. Someimes I will cut up 1/2 an avocado and add to her lunch and she likes that. Diced tomatoes too. Luci loves to pack eggs also because for some strange reason she gets a kick out of the other kids telling her it smells. She is curently protesting eggs as she read even the "free range" ones have their beaks chopped off to avoid pecking in the coops. They both pack snacks each day for school and I basically pick 2 of the above plus add either a bottle of water or a cranberry juice.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh and cute note. I do that sometimes but not daily when we pack lunches. They also like cute napkins, fun straws, etc.

    I'm interested to see what kind of responses you get. Maybe I will get some new ideas for horse camp that's approaching!

  4. That looks a lot like the lunchboxes I pack. I use a lot of baggies too. Ooops!

  5. Oh, I meant to add, I sometimes send soup in a thermos - or leftovers from dinner.

  6. WOW! Thanks for all those suggestions Natasha. Luci's cruelty free stance is inspiring--and funny at the same time.

    I use Agave nectoar in my coffee, but I've never made my own granola (or anything else with agave).

    Sometimes I'll do meat/cheese rollups (esp. if we're out of bread) with some crackers. She likes nuts and dried fruit, but not really seeds. Annelise isn't much of a dipper though--she's really missing out!

    Jo-Lynne: I'll have to try the thermos idea sometime. That would make a great hot lunch--and use up leftovers. Thanks!

    Jillian: I heart paper towels. I'll be there with ya!

  7. Your lunchbox packing looks great! At this point my kids either eat lunch at school or pack their own, which is a mixed blessing...I don't have to do it but I don't have as much say about what goes in there!

    We've done meat/cheese rollups, too, and little containers of chips and salsa. Maddy likes to take leftovers (lasagna, soup) because she has access to a microwave at the middle school.

    Love the notes :) It would be fun to collect them all!

  8. We try to be as green as possible. Often they take a thermos with either left overs or spaghettios. I also have cute little sandwich containers. I found them in the dollar spot at target. I use the metal refillable water bottles for drinks. Juice boxes only for field trips that require disposable lunch. I use the small tupperware containers for fruit. I usually buy the large can or peaches, pears or applesauce. I am also a teacher and I see a lot of waste at school. Kids eat one bite and toss the rest in the trash. We usually include something sweet in there. Small piece of chocolate. Love your lunch! Looks so healthy!

  9. That is a lot of lunch! Does she get a snack during the day too? Her lunches sound great. My kids get PB&J, chips, and applesauce/fruit cup. But they also get a snack during the day.

    I do use sandwich containers, real spoons, and cloth napkins. I try to use reusable containers for chips but they are not always clean or easy to find.

    My kids do like leftovers, we just don't have them a lot. Chicken noodle soup is their favorite leftover to take.

  10. What a fun post! I am all about packing lunches...maybe because my sweet mom was not very creative.

    I get stuck in ruts too. I try to mix it up with a cool napkin, note, or stickers...then maybe the same luch looks a bit more fun :)!

    Our lunches sound about the same. I do use cookie cutters for K-Man's sandwiches and mix in a tortilla here and there just to make the "everyday sandwitch" more inviting!

    I also try to do color lunches. For example,Halloween was orange.
    Wow, I am all about the look of the lunch. I think it is just because when you try to do healthy, you really are more limited and that means creativity is your friend!

    About the green thing...not very good at it.

  11. The G's: Thanks for more green tips. That's a good idea about using washable containers for fruit/applesauce instead of the throw away. I should get a metal water bottle.

    Nicole: Not every day is quite that full, but I had been to the store so I threw in grapes too. :) She eats it all usually, if not she bring it home and finishes it for afternoon snack (or in the car-ha!) She also gets a small morning snack which I pack in her backpack each day.

    Lacie: Thanks girl! I'll have to try the color themed lunch--I always forget until after the holiday!! That's a cute idea about putting stickers in the lunch too.

  12. Annie: Oops! I never thought about saving the notes. Sometimes she keeps them, other times they get tossed. Oh well...:)


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