Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

The other day after school, Annelise asked if she could go outside. After I said yes, I noticed she was carrying her new blank journal and a couple of markers.

Hmm...I was curious.

I grabbed my camera and peeked through the window.

Turns out she was sketching. Our garage. And some flowers.

This kept her occupied for quite a while then she burst through the door shouting for Scott and I to admire her creative efforts. We oohed and ahhed as she beamed from ear to ear.

I will try to remember that smile and that excitement in her voice every time I kick a stray Crayon or two across the floor, move the piles of masterpieces so we can eat supper or find marker marks on her clothes.

Maybe I should also buy stock in paper and Crayola products.


  1. She's so cute! I love it that she went outside to sketch.

    I have to remind myself daily not to curse the art supplies I'm constantly cleaning up or reminding Whitney to clean up. I want her to be creative and to use her talents, but they seriously conflict with my need for order.

  2. Oh that is priceless. What a beautiful stolen moment!

  3. Again - awesome perspective. I don't know how much you've ever poked around my blog, but I think you'd relate to a couple of older posts of mine that yours remind me of. If you're interested, one in the sidebar called Gratitude and a few pages back called Aftertaste.

    Keep up your attitude. It's contagious.


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