Today I...

Woke up early and could not go back to sleep.
Thought about going for a run (who am I kidding, a WALK).
Decided I did not want to have to wash and blow-dry my hair again.
Made a cup of coffee.
Crawled back in bed.
Started reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.
Instantly delighted 6 pages in and anxious to read more.
Put on my jeans which brings the total wear time to one week +1.
Made an effort to conceal my muffin top.
Packed a lunch for The Schoolgirl returning to school after Thanksgiving Break.
Practiced tough love/life skills when The Schoolgirl complained (whined?) about not being able to tuck both of her shirts into her skort.
Told her to try again because she'd have to do it anyway at school when she went to the restroom.
Wrote out a short grocery list.
Drove The Schoolgirl to school.
Said a prayer on the way (not quite the morning devotional I have pictured in my head, but it works for us now).
Shared hugs, kisses I Love Yous and hurry-ups at the car drop off.
Felt like a neglectful mom when I realized it's much colder than I first thought and The Schoolgirl walked off without a jacket.
Rationalized that since it's rainy they probably won't go outside for recess today.
Crossed fingers.
Drove to the grocery store.
Said "Pooh" to the environment when I left the canvas bags in the car because it was raining and I didn't want to run around to the trunk to get them.
Scored a stellar parking spot!
Noticed large number of older men from other countries working as sackers.
Wondered if that was their main job or if it was a second job.
Wondered also what their profession was in their former country.
Wondered what they think about life in America.
Said a mental prayer of thanks for 1) my comfy life and b.) again, my comfy life.
Felt confused when my short grocery list still rang up to be $100.00.
Considered researching those bargain coupon sites (like the Grocery Game).
Felt lazy because those systems/plans require you to be a planner.
Which I am not.
They also require you to be organized.
Which I am not.
Lugged groceries inside.
Put cold things away.
Seasoned and seared a roast and tossed it in the crock-pot.
Rushed to meet girls for bible study.
I was late. I am always late.
Considered root of this lateness for a few moments.
Came home to yummy smell of slowly cooking roast.
Put remaining groceries away.
Ate Triscuits, turkey pepperoni, a slice of colby jack and 6 almonds.
Pretended it was lunch.
Scanned Facebook and saw a post from a high school friend saying that a girl I graduated with died on Thanksgiving Day.
Felt sad.
Reminded myself of my own mortality.
Ignored some dishes in the sink (will do after I hit publish, promise).
Am planning to start third official knitting project later this afternoon!!
Enjoyed a few minutes of computer/TV time before picking The Schoolgirl up early and shuffling off to dance class.
Felt jazzy wearing this with a simple black shirt. (What do you think? Please, be honest because I am walking around with it on like I am so fashion forward, which I'm really not.)

Made this one too:

Am predicting there will be many, many fabric flower creations in my future.

What is your day like so far?


  1. It's kind of amazing how much goes into a day when you list it all out, and this only goes up until 2:35pm.

  2. I have been seeing those flowers EVERYWHERE!!! You are SO fashion-forward!!

  3. I lOVe this post-
    sounds like a good day to me!

    YEs the flowers are really cute-

  4. Tres chic, I promise.

    Could I add one, do you think, to my outfit which consists of ugly running flare-pants and oversized t-shirt? Would that make me look better? Ugh.

  5. Too funny about A. and the skort. She could just do like Griffin and hold all the restroom activities until after school-- Griffin does! He absolutely REFUSES school potties.

  6. Seems like a lot in one day. I did not do nearly so much. The fabric flowers are not for me, but if you like 'em, you should wear 'em.

  7. we've done morning devotionals in car. saying the prayer on way is a great way to spend that time! and when she can read she can maybe add in a verse or two....


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