Whether you are having a traditional holiday meal with family and friends around a lavishly arranged table, or find yourself outside gathered around a ping pong table and a beagle is tossing you a plate of popcorn, toast and jelly beans...

I wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


  1. what a bummer about the migraine. on the up side, a nap in a dark room all by my lonesome sounds like a great prescription.

    jack and i watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every night for a week straight. i simply never tire of it. i wonder if it has anything to do with our birthdays falling in this wonderful season?

    i brought knitting with me on vacay :) i actually saw a woman crotcheting while standing in line at the Mad Tea Party.

  2. I'm still such a beginner knitter--haven't taken my new hobby out and about yet. I fear it might date me. :)

    I never get tired of seeing Charlie Brown and friends for any/every holiday or reason.

  3. Those Peanuts TV specials ring in each holiday so nostalgically for me!


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