Would You Like Gravy with Your Migraine?

No, but thank you for asking.

I did something yesterday I have never done before.

I slept through Thanksgiving. Oh yes, I did.

Missed it. Pulled a little ol' Rip Van Winkle on Turkey Day. Can you believe that?

All thanks to the not at all pleasant brain pincher known as a migraine.

I woke that morning with a dull throb behind my left eye and tension down my neck. Not a good sign. I tried to pull a preemptive strike by taking ibuprofen but to no avail. Two sips of coffee made me want to hurl and Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was hard to watch with all the swirling colors and noise.

I soon returned to bed to lie as still as possible in a darkened room. That's the only prescription that works (well, since I don't have any stronger meds).

My dad and Peggy were hosting a Thanksgiving lunch and I hated to miss it, but I could hardly stand up to take a shower, much less sit in front of food at that point. Scott and Annelise left me in my pitiful state and I tried to sleep it off. They spent the afternoon enjoying a yummy Thanksgiving lunch and then working it off with several rounds of basketball.

Annelise also tried her hand at snapping self-portraits with Peggy,

and by herself. Hmm...I wonder where she picked up on self-portraits.

When they returned around 4:00, I managed to nibble on a roll from the leftovers Peggy kindly sent home with Scott. Around 6:00 I took a shower (YAY!) and felt revived. I made myself a warmed up plate of turkey and trimmings, which was delicious and thankfully did not make me hurl. We then settled in for our traditional viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which was as delightful as always.

I also worked on a new project. Any guesses as to what it might be?

I'm hopeful next Thanksgiving is much better, at least migraine free.


  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear about the migraine. Glad you're feeling better just in time for the annual viewing of Charlie Brown.

    Thinkin' boutcha lots this week as we get close to our departure for Disney! How much do I want to hug you for blogging about it last year :)

  2. Oh, Holly. Sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving.

    I hope the doctor can find some meds that work for you! I don't know what I would do without my trusty stash...

  3. That really stinks! Once the migraine comes on, I really struggle to find anything that helps. Sometimes I have good luck with a heating pad under either my lower back or neck.

  4. I am so sorry you had to stay in bed in the dark with a migraine on Thanksgiving! What a nightmare. Maybe you should look into getting a prescription for Relpax or Imitrex or something for when migraines strike.

    I'm glad you recovered and were able to shower, eat some leftovers and knit!

  5. That sounds just miserable. I'm so sorry!!

  6. I ended my day the way you started yours!


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