Best of '09: Day Four {Best Book}

Forgive me, I skipped Day 3: Favorite Article. How sad is it that nothing came to mind on that one? Left me feeling woefully lacking since I probably would have come up with something from US or People or O Magazine.

Moving right along...

The best non-fiction book* that I read this year was John Adams by David McCullough. Even though it was non-fiction it read more like an adventure novel. The adventure of a man seizing the moment to make a difference, which in his case was to urge his countrymen to declare independence. And so much more.

Once I finished reading, I treated myself to an encore viewing of the outstanding miniseries.

*I don't think I could choose a favorite fiction book this year, since I enjoyed several. Some of my faves include The Help, The Pursuit of Love and Here Be Dragons.

What's your best book of 2009?

Best of '09 Blog Challenge.


  1. I read too much and too quickly to remember most books, which is kind of sad. Same Kind of Different as Me stands out though. And I did end up loving Here Be Dragons too. I'm on the wait list for The Help at the library. I read John Adams this year too. Still amazing to me that a group of men (and women standing behind them) effected such a revolution.

  2. Ooo, I really liked The Help, too. I've been reluctant to read Johns Adams for some reason (probably because I read before bed + don't want to fall asleep!) but I think you've convinced me ;)

  3. I don't normally enjoy reading nonfiction, but I read this for our church book club and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I later watched the HBO miniseries (thanks to Netflix) and loved it even more.

    I can't wait to read The Help next year for book club after it comes out in paperback.

  4. I'm loving all these Best of 2009 posts! I know for sure that my favorite book of 2009 was the Mark of the Lion trilogy... but you already knew that I'm sure! :)

  5. I loved John Adams--both the miniseries and the book.

    Guess what??? David McCullouch will be narrating at the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert here in Salt Lake next week! I didn't get tickets, so I'm going to go stand in the FREEZING cold for 90 mins to see if I can score standby tickets.

    Wish. Me. Luck.

    I'm loving your "Best Of" posts!
    Merry Christmas! xoxo

  6. Oh, as per your suggestion, I read this book and totally agree. Best nonfiction of the year. LOVED it. I can't wait to see the miniseries (waiting on hubby to finish the book) and will choose this for my bookclub book. I loved it.

  7. Nicole: Same Kind of Different as Me is on my bench waiting for me to get to it.

    Kim: One day I'll finish the Mark of the Lion triology.


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