Best of '09: Day Nine {Challenge}

I wish I could say that I met the challenge of running another marathon this year.

But...I can't.

I wish I could say I met the challenge of giving up carbs, refined sugar and processed foods.

Nope. I can't say that either.


Last January I began another type of challenge, one for my brain and my heart. The idea of memorizing two scriptures a month was simple, but very powerful. As I selected the verse for December 1st, it dawned on me that I was nearing the end of the challenge (I know, duh, it is December after all) and my spiral of index cards contained almost 24 verses (actually more because some months the selections were longer passages).

Have I memorized all 24 verses and am I able to say all of them? Well, in all honesty, no. But I think I can say most of them. Well, many of them. That counts, right?

Will I continue this scripture challenge in 2010? You betcha!

best of '09 blog challenge

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