Best of '09: Day One {Favorite Trip}

Thanks to Annie at Basic Joy, I discovered this year in review blog challenge. I think it sounds delightful so I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Or at least my blog, since I have hat issues.

I wish I had a fabulous far away getaway to reflect upon as 2009 draws to a close but, this year, I do not. Late in 2008 we took a trip to DC so I could run (okay, run/walk) in the Marine Corps Marathon, then a month later we went to visit The Mouse for Christmas.

2009 has been our recovery year.

It was a year of stay-cays and short road trips. My favorites, well honestly my only(s), were when my bestest girlfriends and I loaded up for an idyllic small town weekend and then when we took a mini-vacay to San Antonio as a family.

I hope we are recovered because there is so much of the country and the world that I want to see starting in 2010 with San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Maine, St. Edward's Island, and fingers crossed, New York. And we can't forget Europe.


I'm optimistic.


  1. What a great idea for a blog challenge, and a great way to remember the traveling one has done throughout the year. Technically your Disney trip was within the year right? Your girlfriend trip was so quaint and fun and your San Antonio trip was great as well. I think you did more traveling than you think you did.

  2. Yeah, but I didn't go to Paris. :)

    Our Disney trip was mid-Dec. last year but the warm mouse glow carried into the new year year at little bit.

  3. Cool. My grad school research focus was the 0-3 population like Annie's and I have attended many a great conference put on by BU's school of social work over the years! I'm also adjunct at a local school of social work. Who would have known?! Is she a friend of yours? I saw this Best Of 2009 idea on Lelly's blog and decided to try.

  4. Natasha: I don't know Annie personally, but have enjoyed reading her blog for a while now. Small world though, huh?

    I think the Best of 2009 challenge sounds like fun--hope I'll stick with it!


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