Early Release Day Survival Kit

The Christmas holidays officially began Friday afternoon. Thank goodness I was prepared.

Annelise and I set up camp upstairs. Why upstairs you ask? Well, that's where our printer is and where our last surviving VCR is located.


So we could make a nativity scene out of toilet paper tubes and patterns from this crafty site.

Annelise got busy coloring.

Taking breaks only for popcorn munching and Christmas movie watching.

We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol (I think we need more Muppets in our lives, don't you?), The Year Without a Santa Claus and The Santa Clause. I realize that sounds like a bunch, but we only get to enjoy Christmas movies once a year and we have to fit them all in. Plus there were about 12 different nativity characters to color. Our jobs were clearly defined: she colored, I cut and glued the figures to the tubes (I repeatedly asked her if she wanted to do that part and she repeatedly declined), the popcorn and movie viewing duties were shared evenly.

I'd show you a picture of our almost completed efforts (she petered out with an angel, a donkey, a sheep and a king left to finish), but I am too lazy to go upstairs right now. They are pretty cute though, promise.

Next, it was time for Annelise to decorate a small tree for her room once Scott arrived home with the lights for it.

I would show you a picture, but again, that would require walking upstairs. It's pretty cute though, promise. (That is if a hodge podge of old, not main tree worthy ornaments arranged in a willy-nilly fashion are your thing.)

Then, for the third night in a row, it was cookie baking time.

Aren't her eyes looking tired yet? Just a little? Nope. Pity.

We just made gingersnaps, but the day before we made gingerbread men. Or gingerbread people. Except I kinda lost interest in piping around the edges of their little brown bodies after, like, five. So I tried a different approach...

Is it just me, or do their beady mini M&M eyes give you the creeps too?


  1. It looks like you two have the right idea for kicking off her Christmas break. 3 nights of cookie baking already?!

    I love watching Christmas movies and think they're an integral part of our December activities.

    The m&m eyes are rather creepy!

  2. Fun night! I love Muppet Christmas Carol - it's our favorite version of that story!

    miss them....

    what a great, great day!

  4. Jill: I know that's a lot of cookie baking isn't it? I guess it was more like one night, a break then two more days. Still.
    We're totally cheating though and using the sugar cookie & gingerbread mixes in the pouch.

  5. Do you even need to ASK if we all need more Muppets in our lives?????

    "Is it just me, or do their beady mini M&M eyes give you the creeps too?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is, HANDS DOWN, my favorite Christmas quote of 2009.

    Thanks for the gut-laugh!


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