Five for Friday

1. Last night we journeyed to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus be born. Well, it may have only been the sanctuary at Annelise's school and the baby Jesus was a doll.


Annelise was Innkeeper #3 and had the honor of showing Joseph and Mary to her freshly cleaned stable.

She really wanted to be Mary, but I think she eventually made peace with that and embraced her duties as Innkeeper #3.

Turns out we were sitting on the wrong side of the auditorium for most of her part. I wish they would give parents schematic drawings so we could plan our seating accordingly. I used my big zoom lens, which was nice, but since it was low lighting and there were small children many of them are blurry. I need more practice with low light photography (or maybe I need a fancier lens BWAhahaha).

Oh, and for Annelise's speaking part, Scott only thought he was video-ing (is that a word?), turns out he was on STANDBY for 85% of the program. Awesome.

2. Instead of exchanging gifts in Annelise's class this year, the teachers found an expectant mother in need and arranged to host a little baby shower for her. Annelise has been looking forward to this almost as much as Christmas itself (almost)! This morning, during my TarJay shopping spree, I picked up a few baby things.

Once I got home, I realized I may have gone overboard. I don't know. Scott thought it was a lot since the whole class will be giving gifts. My point was that diapers are always useful and the more the merrier.

As I wandered the baby paraphernalia aisles I also realized a.) yes, everything is cute for babies and 2.) I'm really glad not to have to buy-or change-diapers anymore.

3. Finally remembered to get out some of our winter dishes, which technically we are supposed to use from after Thanksgiving through January. Last year I think we only used them on Christmas day.

4. How do you like my cheap holiday arangement? The rustic jingle bells were only $4.00 for a tube of them and the pine cones were, of course, free.

5. I think I am 80ish% finished with Christmas shopping after spending almost 3 hours in Target this morning. We'll have to tell Annelise that all Zhu Zhu pets have migrated to Australia until February or something, but hopefully she won't even notice their absence once she opens the rest of her parents.

5b. We are going to get our Christmas tree tonight!! It's about doggone time, right? Right. I am also determined to get some suitable photos for our Christmas card this afternoon and/or this weekend. It's about doggone time for that too right? Right!

Have a happy, happy weekend my friends!


Best of '09 Blog Challenge

Day 10 {Best Album} I came to the glee party a little late, but nevertheless I'm hooked. If it's possible for a high school glee club album to rock my world, then glee 1 & glee 2 are doing just that.

Day 11 {Best Place} Well, based on the three hours I spent there this morning, I have to say Target is the best place, in a purely superficial, materialistic, capitalistic, commercialized, accessorized and pleasantly arranged way.


  1. Annelise makes a very cute Innkeeper #3. That's too bad about Scott "recording" on Standby for most of the show, but it's a little bit funny too.

    I think it's so sweet that her teachers are hosting a shower for an expectant mom in need, and I love your generosity!

    Your pine cone jingle bell display is very festive and quaint.

  2. I also think your pine cone and jingle bell decor is really cute and it can stay up all winter long (good planning!)

    I hear your frustration about taking pictures in low light. But at least you weren't the parent who had the big spotlight on your child just so you could get decent pics - hahaha. I think the one you got is really great and I bet A. did a fantastic job as Innkeeper #3.

    I'd hate to be in the position of giving out the parts - oh my goodness.

    I'm with you about your diaper comment. Just don't take one of those little Swaddlers out of the box...those cute little tiny things hold quite a bit of emotional power.


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