Happy Birthday Jesus, Cha-Cha-Cha

Annelise's kindergarten class celebrated Jesus' birth with a little class party on Thursday. I was tasked with providing a simple craft. I did what I do best, copy.

Thanks to the brilliance of my friend Kim, kids ages 3 through 3rd grade had made touch and feel nativity scenes two summers ago during our church's Bible Power Hour, so I knew it would be perfect for kindergarten.

I pretended I was super organized by getting all the materials together an entire day ahead of time and sorted into individual kits. I have my moments, but most other times please don't peek behind the curtain (like Oz, get it? Of course you do, now I feel lame for explaining).

I also slaved in the kitchen making these chocolate dipped pretzels. Ahem.

The kids ate sack lunches at their desks, which they thought was pretty fun. The moms thought it was pretty nifty not having to bring in platters of party food.

Then it was time for birthday cake. After they sang Happy Birthday two ways. Can you guess which one the kids sang with the most energy? Yep, the one with CHA-CHA-CHA at the end of each line.

The cake was highly favorable among the 5 and 6 year old crowd. Plus a few parents.

Once they were all kinds of sugared up, it was crafting time. By this time we only had about 10-15 minutes before the half day kindergarten had to leave, so it was a bit rushed. All they had to do was arrange the nativity scene pieces (felt for the donkey, raffia for hay, sandpaper for the dirt, craft sticks for the stable, star stickers) and glue, so it went quickly. They seemed to like it too, so that was good.

Annelise was all caught up in the cute baby that was visiting and felt it was her duty to monitor every baby movement, so she rushed through her craft just a bit in order to get back to baby watching.

On the scale of class party craziness, this one was very low key and simple. You know what? The kids enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than one that was over the top. The teachers appreciated the simplicity factor too since there was less mess and fewer kid frustration/spastic moments. The kids, who were still hepped up just from a simple party, were doomed to stay inside because it was cold and rainy outside and there were three hours left in the school day.

I felt guilty leaving. Just a little though.


  1. Okay, that nativity is darling. I think i need a closeup of the finished product so I can copy YOUR copy-idea! I love to copy. I never make anything up.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. This reminded me that I need to come up with a game for Whitney's class party on Tuesday. I keep thinking it's on Wednesday for some reason so forgetting about it could be a real problem.

    It's nice that Annelise goes to a school where you can talk about and celebrate Jesus. Landon got to go to an LDS school for kindergarten and I loved that religion was incorporated into everything.

  3. I LOVE this DAY!!

    I'm really good at copying too :)
    what a fun time- I love the religious aspect to A's school. It makes me wish we had that, but then 90% of the kids at our school are the same religion & practicing... so I guess that is something?

    I think maybe, just maybe A. needs a baby brother? ;)

  4. Sister Bear: You could use any nativity scene, this one only showed Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and a donkey. Then just glue any touch & feel scraps you like. Very easy, yet the kids liked it!

    Patsy: Yeah...she does. :)


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