In Which She Bats Clean-Up

As with most things, I hit a little speed bump along the Best of '09 Blog Challenge road. Here's a feeble attempt at a quick catch up:

Day 12 {Best New Food} I'm still kicking myself for not eating Indian food before going to see Slumdog Millionaire. It would have been the ideal opportunity to try a new cuisine but we didn't think about it until later. So, we (I) didn't try anything new this year but we do try to eat Thai or Mediterranean food when Annelise isn't with us. Maybe 2010 will be India's year.

Day 13 {Best Change to the Place You Live} We have not made any large scale changes to our home in several years, if you don't count the shower pan failure/major water damage repair and a hurricane. Other than the occasional furniture rearranging and re-purposing, I am not constantly decorating our space. Once I have it the way I like it, I leave it (mostly). Over the last year I took The Nester's advice and introduced more fabric into our home through the art of mistreating our windows. Up first were our family room windows, followed by some black toile in our kitchen and finally dressed up our foyer windows with burlap. I can not tell you how much a few yards of fabric, a couple sticks of hot glue and a blister or two made our home, well, more home-y.

Day 14 {Best Rush} I honestly can not think of any rush unless you count a sugar rush, brief shopping spree euphoria or the not so frequent rush of a good hair day.

Day 15 {Best Packaging} I've got nuttin' on this one either.

Day 16 {Best Tea} Tea? Seriously? I am a java junkie pure and simple. I am in giant, puffy heart love with my Keurig.

Day 17 {Word or Phrase} Sigh. For the last two years I always say I am going to choose a word to be my word of the year, like a goal to work toward. I always like everyone else's choices and think to myself, "Self, that's the perfect word for you! Go forth with that word!" and I end up with a list of several favorites yet never cutting to the quick and making a decision. 2010 will be my year to choose my word. Really.

Day 18 {Shop} Target and Amazon got waaaay too much of my discretionary $$ this year. Add to that Half Price Books and TJ Maxx. 2009 was the year I discovered Down East Basics and Shabby Apple and predict they will receive more of my $$ in 2010. Fingers crossed.


  1. You are good to catch up, I am so behind it's embarrassing.

    As for the comments, it seems like people have stopped blogging for the season or something...lame.

    I've been very impressed with your mistreatments this year, your house is beautiful.

  2. Your mistreatments led me to the Nester, which led to many hours of reading enjoyment. I am cooking up my own mistreatments. Maybe I'll work up to them in, oh, say, June.

    I love Shabby Apple!!!


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