Merry & Bright. And a Little Bit Squeaky.

We were off to a bit of a rocky start this fine Christmas morn when Annelise dashed into our bedroom at 7:02 with worry in her voice exclaiming, "Santa didn't take my picture! He ate the brownie and drank the milk but HE FORGOT THE PICTURE!! WHY?!?! DIDN'T HE LIKE IT?"

Great, way to go there big guy.

We mumbled some sort of weak excuse plausible explanation which she eventually accepted and then skipped off to shake her presents.

There may or may not have been a not so merry moment in the kitchen when I was trying to do five things at once while keeping an eager-to-help 6YO occupied with breakfast making tasks before I had a cup of coffee and I asked Scott for a little help. And when I say help, I mean I basically wanted someone to listen to me talk myself through the assorted possibilities of the best time to put the eggs in the oven. Yeah. There may or may not have been a reminder of how vacuuming was done the day before and there may or may not have been subtle slamming of the refrigerator door and aggressive-yet silent-dish washing for a few minutes.

But we soon worked it out and had a group hug.

For Christmas breakfast this year we had baked oatmeal, shirred eggs, pigs in a blanket, fruit and bubble bread. I had big plans of photographing our meal, but then I think I forgot about it. I did later snap one of the bubble bread carcass. Hmmm...you think we liked it?

Annelise helped roll the little piggies into their blankets, which kept her distracted from the presents (we wanted to wait until my dad and Peggy came over). When she couldn't wait any longer and we felt sorry for her, her stocking came to the rescue.

A blank Hello Kitty notebook, markers, a couple of easy reader books, PEZ and a pack of gum sent her over the moon. It's so easy to forget that children are easily pleased and really don't need a bunch of the latest and greatest toys or the most expensive toys. Seeing her respond to her simple stocking was refreshing and sweet. Of course it didn't make us return her bigger gifts, but I still appreciated the reminder.

Now, I don't know about you, but we (okay, I) like for the gift opening process to last a little while. We try to take turns opening so each gift gets its own little moment of glory. It doesn't always work out that way, but we try. While the eggs were baking (yes, I finally reached a decision) Annelise started opening her gifts.

She was SO excited that Santa came through with these squeaky battery operated rodents, also known as Zhu Zhu pets. Santa wasn't able to get any accessories, but I have a feeling that once the holiday shopping dust settles these little guys will have some toys to play with and get their daily battery supplied exercise.

But our new little furry friends better watch out, there's a new sheriff in town and her name is Annelise.

Pappo and Grandma gave our daughter her first firearm. Isn't that sweet? I do love the fact that the holster is pink, don't you?
As the morning turned to afternoon it was apparent that little bits of Christmas had spread throughout the house in no particular order.
Meet Katie, a Liv doll, who came with a few wigs in order to match her hair to her mood. She's hanging out next to the Chixo condo in her salon chair patiently waiting for her stylist to get back to her.

But she forgot to pick up her clothes.

Now that they are here, these little wig heads are kinda creeping me out.

Don't forget to meet one of the Chixo girls waiting for her pillow and rug to dry so she can decorate her condo with more sticky plastic balls. Be sure though to ignore the dog and cat hairs that will inevitably get stuck in each and every ball configuration because you chose to work on the floor instead of the table.

LOOK! Here's Paul Mc Cartney in the flesh, right here in our family room.

Wait, that's just Scott playing Beatles' Rock Band. Or trying.

These little fur balls finally nestled in for a nap. Okay, they are kinda cute.

While Annelise concentrated on some new Legos. Still in her PJs at 5:00.

And I flipped through this delightful eye candy conveniently bound together in a cookbook.

I want to cook everything. Right now.

But I settled for making our yummy taco soup standby for an easy Christmas day supper.

Now, somehow, the day is almost over. Christmas is over. I always feel a little let down (while at the same time relieved) as Christmas day draws to a close. Not really over anything in particular, certainly not a feeling of disappointment over a gift not received or something like that. Just a gentle whisper of melancholy after all the built-up anticipation and preparation these last few weeks and it's all over in a whirlwind of ripped wrapping paper and two bags of trash.

But, thank goodness, I know I'm blessed in so many ways, so those silly feelings don't linger too long.

Especially since I sweet-talked Scott into watching The Proposal with me.

Just because I'm curious (some might say nosy), do y'all open presents on Christmas eve or on Christmas morning/day? Is it a free for all or is there a semblance of organization?


  1. merry Christmas!

    we nod to a Swedish custom, Little Christmas Eve on the 23rd. we either have family over or go out and do something fun (this year is was The Squeakqel...) then Tomte, the Swedish "elf" visits that night, so there is a present to open on Christmas Eve day.

    but the Christmas presents are for Christmas Day here, though it gets challenging for Jack as family bring presents over and put them under the tree.

    i love the anticipation of gift giving and receiving, so i definitely like to take my time. not so easy to do with my two!

    oh, and we were in pajamas until 4:30, when we finally had to make our way over to my parents house for dinner!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you were able to hold Anneliese off for so long, my kids were going bonkers at 7:00am!

    We celebrate Christmas Eve with my whole family and open our presents for cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents there then celebrate Christmas together with our little family at home on Christmas Day.

    What is with some of the noises the Zhu Zhu pets make? I've never heard a real hamster make those noises.

  3. We open with the in-loves on Christmas Eve and the kids open new pajamas on Christmas Eve, everything else is opened Christmas morning.

  4. Well, this year was a bit different, but traditionally (and when I have kiddos of my own I hope) we open one gift on Christmas eve, usually pj's and a magazine, and then open the rest on christmas morning, taking turns of course. I would start running my finger through the tape about two people before my turn. I was always a little too excited and impatient to wait...

    Merry Christmas!

  5. It all sounds fantastic! I am jealous of your Pioneer Woman cookbook. I have not been to her blog in a little while and had no idea she had a book. I do love her blog! My only brush with the Zhu Zhu hamsters was at Target. A woman ahead of me was limited to only buying 2 by the clerk and wanted 4 so she gave me cash and I bought the hamsters. Does that count as a good deed at Christmas? LOL Glad you had such a great day!

  6. We have several gift opening extravaganzas every year since we celebrate at different times in December with relatives. A child of divorce...sigh. We open one at a time, though, so I'd say it's pretty organized. I'm always the one who forgot to open gifts because I'm too busy taking pictures (but maybe I do that on purpose so I get maximum attention LOL)

    I am impressed, by the way, that you found the Zhu Zhu pets. I was within ear shot of someone asking a store employee about them and he kinda laughed at her attempt to find them in stock.

  7. Christmas Day is when we open, and we try to do it one at a time as well. Our Christmas was jut the right blend of busy and fun and quiet and peaceful. Christmas Eve snow (!) kept us in after church and somehow contributed a peaceful night. After a fairly quiet morning we spent the day with extended family, fun for everyone but me and very cranky toddler. :)

  8. Oooooh! I want that cookbook! Is it one I should just get from the library or should I buy it for savor for years??


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