This Christmas Eve...

We tracked Santa's progress then...

set out a little treat for him once we knew he was on his way.

There's bubble bread rising overnight and the table is set for our Christmas breakfast.

Annelise searched high and low for the hidden glass pickle. After nudging ornaments, enlisting the help of a flashlight and causing numerous needles to fall, she finally found the elusive green gherkin. Each year she looks forward to this Christmas eve tradition (which I think originated in Germany) of pickle hunting and getting a small gift for her efforts (this year it was a book of 100 Bible Stories & songs).

We three snuggled into the couch to read The Night Before Christmas and then listened to Annelise read the story of Jesus' birth out loud. (Y'all...my little girl is reading!!)

And tried not to float away on our fluffy clouds of joy and parental pride.

Then it was time to tuck our little elf into her bed and wish her sweet dreams. We soon heard her sock clad feet patter down the stairs clutching a picture she drew for Santa (she keeps a jar of markers right beside her bed, never knowing when creativity will strike, but confident she is ready when it does) We ushered her back to bed and saw her appear once again, this time terribly concerned because we forgot to put the corn out for the reindeer. Sorry fellas!

We assured her that Santa's reindeer will be okay since lots of other families weren't slackers like us.

This must have reassured her since our little elf finally fell asleep.

Now it's time for a little last minute wrapping.

Again, with the slacker.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!


  1. I'm not familiar with the tradition of pickle hunting, it sounds fun and completely random to me.

    Whitney made up quite a hefty plate of treats for Santa and the reindeer tonight which totally cracks me up; I don't remember ever doing that as a kid.

  2. Reading?! I'll bet you're feeling giddy about that! I love that she keeps markers beside her bed, too. You need to post that drawing for Santa for us to see!

    Merry Christmas, Holly and family!


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