Why I Wore Spanx and Heels on a Saturday

(Except they were the copycat brand from TarJay called Assets, but same general constrictive idea.)

We got ourselves all gussied up and headed into downtown Houston for the afternoon.

(I went with bare legs for three reasons: 1) it wasn't drastically cold, 2) after spending $20 on the knockoff Spanx--yes, I'm now thinking I should've just sucked it up and bought the real deal--I didn't want to spend more $$ on tights, and 3) I thought I had sheer black hose anyway, but, of course at 12:42 Saturday afternoon, I realized I was wrong. I saw women with hose/tights and without, so I thankfully didn't feel too oddball-esque. Aren't you glad I explained my rationale to you? You're ever so welcome.)

We told Annelise we were going somewhere special, but we didn't tell her exactly what. For a good part of the drive she thought we were just going to The Galleria. As we got closer to the Hobby Center, we started giving her clues. It wasn't until we were looping around in the parking garage and Scott sang out, "High on the hill was a lonely goat herd, layee odel, layee odel, layee-oo... and then we heard, "ARE WE GOING TO THE SOUND OF MUSIC?!?! ARE WE REALLY?!?! SQUEALLLLLLL and then our car windows shattered.


So, um...yeah, she was a bit excited.

Scott was too and they practically left me in the dust as they raced toward Will Call (we had PLENTY of time, but they did not listen to me). Notice Scott's Hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-we-don't-have-time-for-this-nonsense face. Also notice Annelise's feathered fan and costume jewelry. She took the whole dress up thing quite literally.

This was her first real play to see (we've seen the local version of The Nutcracker and a few children's theater shows) and she was excited to have her own ticket and her own program.

We had GREAT seats in the center and not tooooo far back. Former President George Bush and Barbara were sitting several rows in front of us to the left. It was sweet to see them somewhat up close and in person.

Once the curtain lifted and Annelise saw Maria perched on a hill singing, she was HOOKED. Enchanted. She sat on the edge of her seat, completely captivated by the songs and the story. It was terribly, terribly difficult for her to refrain from singing along, but she did. A few times her excitement bubbled over and she stage whispered that this was the best present ever, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My heart immediately grew 3x larger.

We paused for a family self portrait at intermission:

We had a few rough moments as Annelise witnessed various people and children purchasing extremely overpriced snacks during intermission. I kicked myself for forgetting to grab a box of raisins before we left and dug my heels in against the whining. We did break down and buy a $3 Sprite to share three ways, but ignored all other desperate appeals. We are so mean.

Soon Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married and performing at the festival and escaping the Nazis and then making their way to freedom all as they merrily sang.

And then it was over.

We made our way outside to anxiously watch the Stage Door,

with the fervent hope of getting a few autographs.

Not only did she get the autograph of the actor that played Max, she got Captain Von Trapp himself. Well, at least the actor. Sadly, she missed getting her favorite character's autograph, Leisel. She is fascinated by all things Leisel.

By the time we got to our car and waited patiently for parking garage gridlock to subside, we were all STARVING. And maybe just a tad snippy. Maybe.

We then made our way over to The Spaghetti Warehouse so that we could wait 45 minutes to eat. Thank goodness for iPhone games and toothpicks.

Seeing this musical was one of our family Christmas presents and definitely worth every penny. And worth the wearing of knock-off Spanx and even worth the blister I got from wearing my heels.

Memories like these are priceless.


  1. You chose a PERFECT family Christmas present! I got excited as I was reading. How cool to see 41 and Barbara in person!

  2. Cool perspective on the 1st pic.

    What a great outing. We took Luci to see CATS in Baton Rouge when she was in 1st grade and have promised the next big play to Griffin. The tickets are just so expensive!

    As for Houston, go Annise Parker!!!!

  3. What a fun outing and surprise! It's so sweet that she loved it so much and was whispering that it was the best present ever.

  4. A's face is priceless! I can hear her squeal right now! So glad that you guys pulled off the ultimate surprise for her and that it was super fun! :)

    PS - I LOVE the pink-ish sweater and dress!

  5. Spanx & heels & gorgeous jewelry ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!! (especially spanx)

    What a great idea, to go to a performance as a family Christmas present! I love it.

    And i love all things Sound of Music!!!! Oh, how i love. I have the soundtrack! I have to admire A's restraint; i KNOW i would have sung along.

    You look gorgeous. And I love that top photo.

    Merry Christmas! xoxo

  6. Oh, that sounds like a little slice of heaven! And how cool that the Bush's were there!!

  7. Great day, great family and great photos. :) Glad yall had fun! What a great surprise for A. I can hear Scott singing now. LOL

  8. lovely recap! it brought back fond memories of going "into the city" to see shows when i was growing up.

    we had a night out to see The Nutcracker (Under the Sea) on Saturday night. best part by far was jack admonishing me to "watch this - this part is inTENSE" during one of the solos. precious.

  9. I'm glad you had so much fun. My mom and I saw Mary Poppins last month and absolutely loved it. If/when it comes back to Houston, you should definitely spend the money to see it!

  10. What fun! Love the photos! Great memories, for sure. And, PS - I hate Spanx. The end.

  11. How fun! I took my girls to a local production of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe this summer. They enjoyed it, but they had a hard time sitting still and stuff (8 and 7 years old), so I'm not sure they are ready for a professional production. But I would love to take them soon. What a great day.

  12. what fun! we did not go to this one, your post made me sorry not to! all the times we've been up there we have never waited by stage door!! great idea! my daughter was into Liesle too!


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