Bus Driver, Move That Bus!!

Except not this bus, this is the shuttle bus, driven by a friendly man I'll call Bob, that takes you to the entrance of this...

Ty and his fabulous designer friends are in town this week to build a home, along with hundreds of blue-shirted volunteers, for a family that lost their home in Hurricane Ike in 2008.
My shadow and I were a tad disappointed that Ty and his fabulous designer buddies were not out and about the site at 11:45ish Monday morning. No worries though, there was PLENTY of work going on without them.
The word on the street is that this is going to be the biggest home EHM has ever built*. The family has 13 children, many of whom have special needs.
It was interesting to watch all the hard hats scurry around, the large trucks hauling this and that hither and tither and the imposing crane lift large sections of the wall or roof.

Here I am in front of the action. Please pardon my pack mule-esque-ness with my purse, camera bag and coat draped across ever so delicately.
Along with the shuttle service, they set up a nice spectator area, complete with free water and cookies and port-o-potties (the fancy kind with a sink). (Yes, I am easily impressed.)
The other word on the street is that Ty will be there Wednesday and the big reveal will take place some time Thursday afternoon.
My shadow and I just might have to make a return visit so we can say hi to Ty. And of course, scream, "Bus driver...move that bus!!" with the masses.

*The episode is supposed to air in March and it's for the Beach family who lives in Kemah.

Do you watch Extreme Home Makeover? (Or at least the beginning and the reveal like we do?)


  1. We sometimes watch it. And it makes me bawl every time of course. My kids love it!

  2. One of the guys I work with helped with the build this weekend! Apparently they do everything in 15 minute increments. Very very organized!

    Ty will be there tomorrow? *cough cough* I think I'm coming down with something. *cough*

  3. I loved that you girls went out there. You def need to go back for the REVEAL! HOW fun. Keeps us informed.

  4. Cool. Luci loves this show! Remind us when it is coming up in March so we can watch.

  5. That's pretty cool, it's like a celebrity sighting, but different.

  6. Fun, fun, fun!! I love watching the reveal!!

  7. Hey, is the above comment in Korean? Can you read Korean?!?!

    I'm loving the happy color of this house. Return for the "Move That Bus" day and blog for us!!!

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO would have rather been the fifth shadow than cleaning up barf!!!! Seeing the two little K shadows was PRECIOUS!!! Thanks for posting! We have not made it out, but will hopefully see the episode. They always make me cry...but that is not a big shock!

  9. Jill: Yeah, a celebrity sighting without any celebrities.

    Crystal: I loathe spam. Why do they do that? Chinese, Korean...whatever...STOP.

    Kim: I WISH you had been there too--you were very missed!! Sorry about the barf.

  10. I heard about it. wish I could have seen it. my son's girlfriend's mom helped w/ the build!


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