Can You Believe?

Can you believe I have not had coffee/sugar/bread/fast food & assorted junk and, this hurts my heart, chips and salsa for a week?

Can you believe I have exercised (though not run--yet) 4 out of 7 days? (Hey, a girl's gotta start somewhere.)

Can you believe I have not had *crashes* and as many witchy mood swings?

Can you believe I have not had a headache since Wednesday?

Can you believe I have not done ANY night time snacking?

Can you believe I left the salad croutons in my bowl and did not sample a single one at lunch yesterday? And ignored a honey-buttered flaky croissant?

Can you believe I have followed the plan pretty much to a T so far?

Can you believe (based on the above, and especially #1) I have held it together and not ended up on the news?
Here's to starting week two of The Revolution!!


  1. squeeee! Holly! I am so excited for you. Keep goin' girl! The next two weeks or so will still be challenging, but THEN...THEN... you will be loving your new way of eating and LIVING! And I swear as the Lord is my Savior you will begin waking up in the morning just a little thinner. You will, literally, lose weight overnight. I'm giving this books away on my blog this week and I hope whomever it goes to works the plan, too.

  2. I am proud of you, friend! Keep up the good work!

  3. Holy cow!!! Awesome job, Holly, keep it up!!!

  4. Way to go! I could never keep all that going. The chips and salsa would probably be my downfall. There were times when that counted as a meal in college. ;)

  5. Way to go... you are doing amazing! One week down.

  6. YAYYYY!!! This is a serious accomplishment. I've been hitting the gym for a week solid, too, and it's great--although it's sapped my energy for anything else extra besides breathing :)

    I agree with Jillian's comment; that is what happens when I am doing a cycle of Body for Life, too. You feel so good, etc., and then BAM! Around week 3 or 4, inches start to literally MELT away.

    I'm planning to get my eating plan all in order and start Monday--let's be fanatics together!


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