Do...do, do,do, de, da, da, da...

(What? Don't you like The Police?)

I love it when I actually follow through with something, even something simple. Nine times out of ten I will either talk myself out of whatever the idea is or I will fizzle out halfway through and cast said idea/project to the curb.

One of my goals this year (as it always should be) is to not only be full of intention, but also full of action, both in large and small ways. I think the first way to work on this is to get out of my head, stop over-thinking every.little.thing and just get busy doing. I can't allow myself to be paralyzed into inaction by seeking perfection or feeling overwhelmed.

Case in point:

I was already planning on fixing taco salad for supper Friday evening. Friday morning I started thinking about how nice it would be to invite friends over and just make a bigger taco salad.

I thought how nice it would be for the adults to have a chance to chat while the littles have a chance to play.

I thought about how I truly want to entertain more in our home, in simple ways (not just birthday parties or holidays).

I thought about how spontaneous should not be a dirty word.

I thought about how it was short notice, but I made a few phone calls anyway.

I thought about the Lego City village, etc. taking up the whole left side of our dining table. I packed it up.

I thought about how nice it would be to make some sort of stunningly creative centerpiece or tablescape by 6:00pm.

I got over it.

I thought about dusting.

I didn't.

I thought about making a dessert and enjoyed perusing Pioneer Woman's cookbook for just the right one.

A quick trip to the grocery store, a husband and 6YO setting the table, Helga/Brigitte whirring away, meat cooking on the stove...friends arriving...it all came together easily.

We enjoyed a fun evening with good friends over a simple meal. And PW's sinful Mocha Brownies. Oh. My. Goodness.


(I'm so glad I followed through!)


  1. Yay for following through! Sounds like a nice evening.

    Kim and I have been talking about wanting to have friends and neighbors over more for "just because" and not just for parties.

  2. I never have people over just because, it's always for a family party or game night, so I am really impressed that you did this!

  3. I know it may sound silly, feeling proud of following through with something like inviting friends over for dinner, but actually doing it IS big for me since I always think about it and don't DO it.

    I wish practicing hospitality came like second nature to me--and I think it should--but I'm working on it. :)

    Making phone calls was big too--I'm not much of a phone person.

  4. We are so glad you followed through too! Those brownies were worth EVERY point!!! Thank you for blessing our family! :)

  5. Fun! I was considering making those brownies this weekend too, but didn't have the ingredients on hand. :) I was also craving red velvet cake. Good for you for doing something spontaneous.

  6. Nicole: You shoule definitely give those mocha brownies a whirl--DEE-lish!

    Officially Scott and I are off of refined sugar (as much as we can control), but that night was an exception. We enjoyed our treat, sent a couple of brownies home w/our friends and gave the rest to my dad and Peggy. It was best to get them out of the house!


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