In Pursuit of Cuteness and Usefulness {thanks to my sewing machine}

One day last week I was struck with waves of guilt over the sheer quantity of paper napkins we use in our home for meals and school lunches. When I was putting laundry away I discovered a stack of plain white washcloths I had bought ages ago and were not being used. I know.

I had the bright idea of embellishing them, you know, just a tad, and letting Annelise use them for her school lunches. Who says you can't be cute and help save planet Earth at the same time?

A large part of Tuesday was spent bringing my bright idea to fruition.

First, I cut shapes out of scrap fabric (from the ruffle apron project '08) finally settling on hearts because they made me happy. I toyed with ribbon but cast that idea aside once the thought of ruffles popped into my brain.

This was a complete winging it type of project. No measuring, few pins, and a mantra of these are only napkins, these are only napkins.

Next, it was time to sew, sew, sew.

It would not be a Holly winging-it project if I didn't realize the better way to make ruffles until, oh...washcloth four or so. The first ruffle was a simple pinking sheared hem, the next few ruffles had a hem and you can see the wrong side of the fabric, FINALLY I realized I should fold the long strip in half and then gather it. No hem and no wrong sides showing. Yessir, I'm a little slow sometimes. Oh well.

Without further ado, here is the finished pile of washcloth napkins.

Hmm, over the top much?

Scott thought they were just this side of ridiculous, but Annelise was thrilled with my efforts.

That makes my heart soar and forget my ache-y-break-y back from hunching over the Singer most of the day.

Will they be the talk of the lunchroom? We shall see.


  1. precious! Talk of the lunchroom? That is something that I would have remembered and mentioned at my 20 year reunion: "remember how A. had those cool napkins in her lunchbox?! I wanted those but my Mama just gave me old paper napkins!"......I can see that happening many, many years down the road......

  2. Do I see an Etsy shop on the horizon?! I buy all Luci and Griffin's cloth napkins on Etsy and we now use them at home as well as in the lunchboxes!

  3. I need some! They are precious!!

  4. I am sure she will be the envy of her classmates! Those are so cute and fun. We use cloth napkins, but just plain ones I bought at Target.

  5. Brilliant! I love that after-crafting high. I think they are so cute and know I should make a manly bunch for James.

  6. This is hitting me as hilarious, but oh so creative. You'll have to let us know what the final verdict is after they've been put to use as napkins.

  7. Thanks everyone! They were fun to make and Annelise seems to like them--so, YEA!

    They are a little too big, but manageable. At least I used what I had--for free. :)


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