Intention Schmention

I originally planned to write a post waxing philosophical over the past year, the changes over the last ten years and the start of a new decade. Or maybe the new decade starts next year if you like to nitpick numbers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm fine looking at it either way.

I even purposefully took this photo of me looking back as we were moving forward (don't worry, Scott was driving) and wearing my mammoth ruffly scarf all at the same time, with just that type of post in mind.

Yet now in the harsh light of day, I'm just not feeling the waxing-philosophical-decade-review- mojo. You are ever so welcome.

I am ready to look forward instead. I am anxious to see what this new year--and this new decade--will hold for me and my family. Instead of writing out a long list of goals or resolutions for the whole year I want to try something a little different for 2010. I need tangible, short term reminders to help keep me focused, so a list for say, three or four months at a time might work better for me than a long list tucked away in my journal. Just sayin'. Most of what I wrote last year can just be scooted over to this year...so, YAY! I'm all done with goal planning. Whew! That was easier then I thought.

Something else that I hope will keep me focused will be my one little word for the year. For over two years I had intentions of choosing a word, spending time hemming and hawing about which word would be just right and then eventually forgetting about the whole thing.

That is so NOT happening this year, not in twenty-ten, my friend.

After much reflection, list making, dictionary searching, naval gazing (EW!), much pestering and annoying of Scott, combined with a not-so-healthy dose of waffling, I am 84.6% sure I have chosen my word. If I don't change my mind, I'll reveal it very soon. (It's okay if you just want to reach out and slap me. I know. It's just a word. Pick one and move on, right? It's so hard to be me sometimes.)

Poor little word, I have already heaped unattainable expectations upon its head, haven't I?


  1. finding a good word is key. don't stress whether it is the "best" word or the "right" word. let it be good - and then see what it brings to your life :)

  2. 84.6% is pretty sure, it sounds like you've found your word for the year, congrats! This will be my 4th year choosing a word (though I kept my first word for 2 years) and I made the decision in a snap this time. Woohoo.

    I like you're looking back photo.

  3. A word. I like it. As I explained to a colleague earlier, my 2010 resolution can be summed up in two words.

    "Be better".



  4. Most of what you wrote last year can be scooted over to this year...I love that line.

  5. I like this picture of you, and I liked this post. I'm also mostly sure about my word for the year, but haven't posted yet. There's something a little terrifying about putting it "out there", somehow. I don't know why. Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you've chosen!

    Loved your Christmas card, by the way! Beautiful pictures of you all!

  6. SnORT! I admit, your one-word dilemma related tweets have had me chuckling. Perhaps one word comes to some and for others, a whole sentence is required. I look forward to hearing what yours is. Turns out, I am more of a sentence girl. (If you met me you would probably say I am more of a run-on sentence girl). Anyway, mine is definitely, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

    Yup, that's my new year in a nutshell. I plan to write about it in time. But I just can't spend another year run as ragged as the last. Dentist appointments and chiropractors - here I come!

  7. Great photo! Thanks for the link about choosing a word - hadn't heard where that started.

  8. Found you via twitter and Onelittleword and you totally crack me up! Too funny!

    Here's a post I did on goal setting for 2010... not as funny as yours!


    I'll be back!


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