It's Four Days Into Twenty-Ten and...

I don't know about you, but my little brain is busily musing over the possibilities for this brand, spankin' new year. The gift of a clean slate, a fresh start, another beginning is truly delightful. And a bit anxiety inducing at the same time. In short order I want to: make the most of this new beginning, refresh some goals, implement some changes and most importantly NOT fizzle out by mid-March. Or earlier. Ahem.
As of today, our Christmas paraphernalia is finally packed away (although the tubs are waiting patiently to be returned to the attic and I'm trying really hard not to glare at them). Annelise has returned to school and Scott has returned to work. Order and routine are slowly being re-established, which is a good thing. Once I get my thoughts together in a somewhat coherent manner (as if!) I'll be back with a little reflection on the past year, my hopes for twenty-ten (okay, I've used twenty-ten twice--well, thrice--in one post and am so over it--will it become as annoying as 24/7???), an exciting new addition to the family and the big reveal of my word for the new year. Once I select it, of course (the good news is, I have narrowed it down to four possibilities, so...GO ME).
(Even though it's a new year, I am still a fan of parentheticals.)
To tide you over, I'll leave you with a few scenes from our little New-Year-Day-Two trip to the country to visit Scott's sister Karen, brother-in-law, Bill, and brother Ron.

It was a little slice of heaven topped off by s'mores. In a word: perfect.


  1. I don't get much in the way of comments anymore either. Jill comments faithfully but that's about it!

    Your slideshow-- looks like a great way to ring in new year! My kids would be in heaven around those horses.

  2. Oh I love that slide show!!
    what a great place! fishing & horses & smores... ya, it doesn't get much better than that.

    2010- I still can't believe it?!

    i am happy to say all our decorations are put up except for one little pile, mocking me at this moment, by the basement stairs.

    So happy to know you & read about your wonderful family- :)

  3. a new addition?
    color me "intrigued..."

  4. Didn't you just barely set up your Christmas decorations? We still have ours up, though I'm ready for them to come down but everyone else wants to leave them up for a few more days and I don't feel like fighting it.

    I'm intrigued by your new addition and your word for the year.

    Your trip to the country looks fun, Annelise must have been in heaven with all those animals.

  5. Happy New Year, Holly, and thank you for the BEAUTIFUL card. :) xoxo

  6. Jill: We usually do leave decorations up a bit longer, but this year I really had the bug to put things away and start January fresh. Or fresher. The boxes though are still waiting to go back to the attic. :)


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