Well, Helloooo Gorgeous...

I think I shall call you Helga since you are so strong and such a disciplined, no-nonsense worker. However, since you are so sleek and beautiful*, perhaps I should call you Brigitte.

So far you have helped me bake chocolate chip cookies and two loaves of whole wheat bread with grace and ease.

I love you from the very bottom of my carb addicted heart. Or stomach.

Life in the kitchen will never be the same.

Of course there is a story of how you came to join our family (get used to this Helga/Brigitte, there is always a story). Scott surprised me with your sister first. When I saw the box sitting on the counter I squealed with delight, hugged Scott (there may even have been a smooch) and ripped open the tape, all the while listening to him regale me with the details of his trip to Williams-Sonoma and how this particular model was marked down, like, way $100 down. By this time I was peering down into the box with a sick feeling churning in my tummy.

There was a gash across the glorious green apple top. It was not discreet, it was bold.

Scott was so very proud of himself, and I was too. I hated to point out a flaw, yet I couldn't stop myself either (remember how hard it is to be me sometimes). He came over to look at the scrape, admitting that it was hard to ignore. It had been the display model and he had asked them to box it up without looking at it. I tried to decide if I could live with the scar and savor the financial savings.

For about a minute.

What followed were frantic phone calls to four (out of a possible six) other Williams-Sonoma stores in the Houston area (Dallas/Ft. Worth was next) and a trip across town (by sweet Scott) after the kind saleslady assured me they had one in pristine condition, in a box , still at the discounted price (hooray!!) and they would hold it for us. Well, for him. The exchange was made and you (Helga/Brigitte) joined our family a few hours later.

I carefully unloaded you and placed you in a place of honor on the counter. I praised your beauty and your ability. As I walked by you over the next few days, I would pause and exclaim "Isn't it (she) beautiful?"--enough so that Annelise begged me to stop.

I knew though that my bloggy friends would understand my possibly misplaced affection.

Sshhh...just between us, isn't she beautiful???


  1. I've never seen one in green...she's gorgeous!

  2. She's definitely a thing of beauty! I'm glad you found one in pristine condition, it would have been a shame to suffer needlessly with the other one.

  3. the green is pretty. mine is grey/silver and i love it! I just haven't baked in a while, so I haven't used it. Now I feel the need to bake something this weekend!

  4. Uh, HELLOO!!?! Yes, she is gorgeous. And yea for the exchange!!

  5. I love mine too although she is just boring black.

  6. I told you you'd love it. :) Doesn't it make life so much easier?? ha! And yes, she is beautiful!

  7. i love mine. i love every bit of her 10-year-old self, scratchy stainless mixing bowls and all!

  8. Gorgeous! I love my mixer. I talked Husband into getting it a couple of years ago, on a
    Black Friday sale. Plain white, but it gets the job done. Enjoy!

  9. She's too beautiful for the name Helga. I like Brigitte, but you must say it with a French accent, "Bridge-EET."

    She'll make lovely things come to life.

  10. She's a beauty!!! Now I want to trade in my white one...

    How was the bread? Maybe I need to explore that option!

  11. She's gorgeous. And you know I have her best friend Princess Red here at my house.

  12. She is beautiful! I love mine and cannot imagine life withour her :)

  13. Ooh, she is a beauty, indeed! I love that green. Mine is silver, and I love her, too, but green ... lovely!

  14. She most CERTAINLY is! I love the green color you chose. And I love how artsy your photo is. While mine is so ho-hum. I need to get better about thinking outside the box. Oh yes, I got one too! :-)

  15. Green apple! Ohhh, Brigitte is sexy.


    do you need recipes? from one carb addict to another? ;)

  16. She is perty! I don't have one, but I hear they're great!


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