When All Else Fails, At Least I Have a List

So I sat here for a good while with the cursor blinking, mocking me just a little, as I waited for clever inspiration to begin this post.

And it never came.

So I am falling back on my true-blue standby, my faithful friend: the list.

*Annelise was invited to a school friend's birthday party Sunday afternoon. Whee.

*Annelise looks like she's on drugs in this picture, but I promise she is not. Just prone to cheesy fake smiles lately.

*I still think birthday parties on Sunday afternoons should be illegal.

*This one though was at a bouncy place and there was no booze, so, YAY!

*Yes, Annelise's present is wrapped in what I think turned out to be Christmas paper. Pity.

*During the party I chatted with other moms and became obsessed with this woman's outfit:

*Is it not flat out DARLING? I love the dress, leggings, ballet flats and the gorgeous scarf. She was so layered and accessorized and so carefree and CUTE.

*I may have stalked her a bit.

*There was quite a contingent of trendy moms with similar looks.

*I felt rather schlumpy in my jeans and shirt. Pity.

*Today turned out to be a full day, but in a good way. So, YAY!

*I have big plans to start cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and reorganizing over the next few days.

*I'm actually looking forward to this mammoth task!

*I can't believe I just typed that.

*Any tips?

*Yesterday at church someone made a comment about how much Annelise has grown.

*They then proceeded to ask something along the lines of when were we going to go get another one.

*Kind of teasing, I guess.

*We've certainly been asked that before (and will again I'm sure) and even heard very similar phrasing of that particular comment.

*But that day it bugged me.

*I know they had good intentions, but it's still stewing around in my brain and kind of ticking me off.

*Like it's such an easy process (international adoption) and it's something we can just do on our way to the grocery store.

*As if.

*I know that a snarky (to me) adoption comment is probably strange to include in this random list of birthday parties, mom stalking and kitchen organization.

*But that's all I've got.


  1. I did a miscellaneous post today too.

    I can't imagine someone here throwing a birthday party on a Sunday and I can't imagine having to go sit there with all the other moms. I would not be keen on either aspect.

    I would check out houseoforder.com before you reorganize your kitchen. She has a lot of great ideas on her site that may help and inspire you.

  2. wow....I thought that woman you were stalking was ME! I dress like that a lot, so I am flattered, even though I live several states away ;)

    I'm thankful for my zoloft that keeps me quite "even" when it comes to questions people ask about international adoption. I always answer "Whatever God wants"....they usually don't say anything after that! :)

    I love your blogs, HOlly. I feel as if I have known you forevah...

  3. So people just have snarky comments about children and families in general, it seems (we gets lots, as you can imagine, about how many we do have).

    You could have turned the wrapping paper inside out, if it was plain white on the inside. I've done that before and let my kids decorate the paper. I also just try to keep a roll of white craft paper on hand. No card needed!

    I like lists.

  4. Thanks for the kitchen organizing tip Jill, that's a helpful site!

    Amy: I like your answer! :)

    Nicole: You are right, it was just one of those things. That day though it stuck with me more than usual. :) Thanks for the tip about the wrapping paper--how clever!

  5. I'm with you on the getting more kids comment. Even at the fertility clinic, the ivf nurse looked at Luci and Griffin and asked "are they ours" meaning "ours" as in did the clinic assist in their coming about. It really rubbed me the wrong way because that wasn't something I wanted to get into in front of my 6 and 8 year old.


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