You Say You Want a Revolution...

You say you got a real solution...Well you know...We'd all love to see the plan.

First, I am dusting these guys off and putting them back to work with regular exercise and even some running. Gasp!

(Are you sitting down? Good.) I am cutting out coffee and switching to herbal tea. Um, y'all...this one is huge. Caffeine apparently throws your ability to regulate insulin all out of whack, so I have to let it go.

Drinking LOTS of water.

Following an eating plan that was recommended to me by bloggy friend Jillian. It's based on food combining/timing and eliminating Funky Foods (like all processed foods, bad carbs, including sugar, white flour, potatoes, etc.) What is that sound you hear? Helga/Brigitte is weeping. You do eat lots of protein and vegetables (look, I bought a Chinese eggplant--oh my!) and can have certain dairy products.
And you can still have fruit (except bananas because of the high sugar content, so these are for Annelise). Though the plan recommends only eating fruit in the morning so your body has time to burn off the sugar.

Scott and I are both doing our best to follow this plan as closely as we can. I realize how out of whack our eating has been, with waaaay too much bread, sweets, and various junk. I hope this new regime will help me to feel better (been waaaay too blah-ish for a long time), have more energy and, oh, yeah, lose the loaf of bread residing around my mid-section (I can no longer in good conscience refer to it as a muffin top).
I think these first few days or even weeks will be the hardest. Not having coffee left me prone on the bed with a doozy of a migraine yesterday. I hope once my body detoxes from all the gunk I will not suffer as many headaches. Fingers crossed.
I'll keep you posted as the Revolution progresses.
Let's let the Beatles sing us on out, "Don't you know it's gonna be all right, all right, all right."


  1. Wow, these are some big changes, especially the coffee! I'm sure you'll feel better after a few days of detoxing. Good luck to you!!

  2. Oh Helga/Brigitte! At least she will look pretty on your counter anyway. Good luck with all the life changes...your photos are so colorful and inspiring. Go, Holly! It's so nice to be following the eating plan with Scott.

  3. You will feel so much better. Last fall I gave up caffeinated coffee (still have a grande decaf soy latte at least once a day!)and drink hot tea with breakfast instead. I think it is so much about having a cup of anything hot to hold, more about the habbit than anything else.

    I have also cut out a lot of the refined sugar and eat mainly raw fruits and vegetables now and I notice a huge difference in how I feel. I even sleep better.

  4. p.s. have you tried Rooibos tea (African Red Bush)? I have been buying it at Whole Foods but Starbucks even carries it (made by Tazo) now. It tastes good, is caffeine free, and VERY good for you!

  5. You & me both, sister. Good luck! I've been running this week and IT'S KILLING ME.

  6. Good luck! I drink a lot of tea, hot and iced (unsweet), so that would be an easy switch for me. But all the other stuff would be way more difficult. Great that you and your husband are doing this and can be mutual supports.

  7. Happy for you! Welcome to the TEA side....I am 13 weeks coffee free. Whoop! Hope your headache is better today. Glad you found a plan you like. :) Good luck girlie!

  8. oh, I forgot to add that your bloggy friend Heather has some good ideas, too! LOL! Just sayin....

  9. oh man...
    this is Huge!
    I hope it's going well- really I do! You are amazing.

  10. good luck! I love Stash Decaf Chai and decaf iced tea too.

  11. Good for you! I think what makes it so hard sometimes is that it's just so easy to eat things in the "Funky food" category -- it takes more planning to eat more healthfully. Go Holly!


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