Angles. And Such.

I've been thinking a lot about angles lately. And lenses and light and mirrors. And wondering if they reflect the truth.

What do I see?

What do others see?

As I have mentioned before, Scott and I started a little revolution almost two months ago. Are there visible results yet?


It may not be enough for others to notice yet.

It might be a trick of light or of angles, but certain areas of me are smaller.

My clothes say so.

The scale says so.I'm wearing a few things I haven't been able to in a while.

I might even need a belt.

Is it all a trick of angles? Of light? Of the lens? Is it true only in the good mirror?

I don't know.

But I think The Revolution is working.

And so it shall continue.


  1. firstly: i started reading this as "Angels. And Such." and had a hard time figuring out the deal with the jeans.

    secondly: the deal with the jeans!! what are they? you look fab! and, as someone who is looking for jeans (appropriately enough, to wear in TEXAS) i need to know what kind of jeans you are wearing!

    looking good :)

  2. Thanks Lelly! Seriously though, the angle of the lens REALLY plays a big role in those pictures.

    Those jeans are the Weekender style from Old Navy, kind of like a boyfriend fit. Very comfy.


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