Be Cool Man, Act Natural {My LOST Thoughts}

Well, my fellow LOSTies, it's time for another edition of my LOST thoughts. ***And like always, this post contains spoilers, so avert your eyes and click away to clean out your email inbox if you haven't watched last night's episode, Lighthouse yet.****

Okay ABC, please stop with all the promos declaring that the time for questions is over. Stop toying with me, I'm done buying that. Questions? I've still got 'em. Plenty.

For instance, who is coming to the Island that Jacob told Hurley to help him/her/it find it? (Or was that only a pretext to get Hurley and Jack to the Lighthouse?) Who is Jack's son David's mom? (hated that she was "out of town", so wanted to see if it was Julie Bowen) Why did the actress playing Jack's mom go in for just a little more plastic surgery? Why didn't someone stop her?(She scared me.) and, most importantly...

Is it just me, or did Island Claire remind you of a dirty, bedraggled Ellie Mae Clampett off her meds too?

I kept waiting to see Jethro or Granny walk into her explosive strewn hut to help babysit her boar baby in the crib and later rustle up some vittles.

While I was anxious to finally see Island Claire again, I must confess, I miss sweet, easy going, pretty Claire. Island Claire has obviously lost a few crayons in her color box and has gone stark raving mad.

Ax-wielding Crazy Claire would never fall for imaginary peanut butter.

I just knew she was in cahoots with FLocke/MIB/Smokey. Friend schriend.

Jin better watch his back. Kate should too.

Last night was such a treat to see the sideways story of Daddy Jack (who apparently had his appendix out anyway) along with Take Charge Jack back on the Island. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more of Jack, enough so that I tried my best not to let his excessive blinking for dramatic emphasis bother me. Too much.

Loved that Jack's son David kept the photo booth pics on his mirror, loved Jack's reaction. Loved their talk after David's audition. Sideways Jack made an effort to connect with his son, which was touching to witness. It's also good to know that Sideways Jack is working through some of his daddy issues (at least trying to stop the cycle).

Wasn't it cool when Hurley speculated about the possible identity of Adam and Eve back at the cave? Yes. But, hello? The writers just teased us and we'll still have to wait for answers, but I like how they acknowledged that theory anyway.

And, (high pitched squeal) there were oodles of Hurleyisms sprinkled throughout the episode!

Loved seeing Miles and Hurley playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Island foliage.

"I could eat." (Hurley to Miles)

"Okay, it's bad enough you already made me write down way to much stuff (on his arm!), and I just lied to a Samurai..." (Hurley to Jacob. Don't you love how patient Jacob is with Hurley?)

"Be cool man, act natural...wait ten seconds and then follow me." (Hurley, the Spy to Jack)

Only Hurley would compare Jacob to Obi-Wan Kanobi. How much do I love the Star Wars references? Um, a LOT.

"This is cool dude, very old school. You know, you and me, trekking through the jungle on our way to do something we don't quite understand. Good times." (Hurley to Jack)

"I came back here because I was broken and I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me." (Jack to Hurley, totally trumping his cab meeting with Jacob)

So apparently Jacob (or MIB? Who's scamming who here?) has kept his own list of candidates on the dial of the lighthouse thingy. Interesting.

Who was at 108 degrees? Or was that just part of Jacob's ploy? (manipulation?)

Jack really needs some different anger management tools other than smashing centuries old mirror thingies.

"I have ink on my forehead? THAT's all you have to say?" (Hurley to Jacob)

I really love how laid back Jacob is, even when Hurley told him Jack broke his mirror thingy, he stayed calm. I guess being hundreds of years old and some sort of spirit will do that to you.

"Sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone's cab and tell 'em what they're supposed to do. Other times, you have to let him look out at the ocean for a while." (Jacob to Hurley, about Jack)

So it looks like Crazy Claire, FLocke/MIB/Smokey, Sawyer (though I don't believe he's completely on FLocke's side) and Jin (by default) will be making their way to the temple soon?


What did you think of last night's episode? Any new theories to share? Do you love the LOST Untangled clips as much as I do? (Who doesn't love a Muppet?) Did you want to hand Crazy Claire a hairbrush and some soap as badly as I did?


  1. Good insights/questions. Crazy Claire ran a chill up my spine and the ax scene got me. Were you expecting that?

  2. I love Hurley so much! Everything he says is funny, so he steals every scene he's in. I love that he has great faith and accepts things right away rather than fighting and questioning everything the way Jack does. It's a nice contrast.

    I want to know who David's mother is as well. I enjoyed the moment with Jack and David outside the audition and loved how David looked moved.

    I thought the lighthouse stuff was cool, and really wished Jack hadn't broken the mirrors.

  3. P.S. Crazy Claire's hair was driving me nuts.

  4. LOVED your Clampett reference! So funny, and yes, you're DEAD ON!

  5. I keep thinking about how Claire has become Rousseau. Does anyone else see that?

  6. I'm with you on the questions. They LIE! I came up with a new motto for the show. I posted it, and it's long and my verbatim memory ain't so grand any more.
    And Crazy Claire. She scares me. I totally knew she would show no mercy. She's got the crazy eyes.
    Ellie Mae off her meds! Haha!

  7. Anna: Yep, I had a feeling that other other's days were numbered. She swings an ax like a girl--but I still wouldn't mess with her. :)

    Jill: I know, Hurley is so easygoing. His personality balances everyone else's extremeness.

    Erin: Thanks! The minute I say Crazy Claire I could not stop thinking of Ellie Mae, but not in a good way.

    MM: Definitely Rousseau-esque, but she played crazy much better than Claire. I think that's becasue I remember (and liked) original-not-infected Claire.

    J: You are right about Claire's eyes! Way off level there.

  8. Still laughing about Ellie Mae, err, Crazy Claire.

    You know what I love about Jack, even if he is blinky? He can tear up so convincingly. And I thought that David had on too much pink lipstick.

    And what did you think of that look that Flocke gave Jin? Rather menacing, I thought.

    Other than that, I don't have much to add. I enjoyed Hurley too.

  9. BriteCloud: Yes, Jack has masterful control of his eyes. He and David do resemble each other, but David's eerie red lips were distracting. I kept staring at them and wondering if they were natural or if it was lipstick. Or manstick.

    FLocke spells trouble all the way around I think. Jin is clever though, so I hope he and Sawyer outsmart him.

    I am not ready to think about Jacob possibly being the evil one and MIB is good. Jacob does seem quite manipulative, but not sure if it's in a bad way or not.

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  11. Sorry, Anonymous, this post is about LOST and not shoes.

  12. Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I saw you were from Texas...It is so nice to meet you...


  13. Crazy Claire was a little over the top for me...

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that Hurley is turning out to be such an important part of the "end game" of Lost.

    108 had the name "Wallace" on it. Not sure who that is. I was thinking it was Desmond until someone pointed that out to me. I hope we're going to see Desmond again though...

  14. Oh, man! Claire's wig has got to go!


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