Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do! {LOST Thoughts}

As I began to type this installment of my LOST thoughts, it dawned on me that I have become one of them. One of those people that obsesses about a show and then blogs about it. Oh well. I promise I'm normal and hope we can all still be friends. ***Remember that this post contains SPOILERS, if you have not watched yet, then you better stop reading this and go organize your junk drawer.****

This week we were treated to a peek of what life for John Locke would have been like without the plane crash and, of course, we found out more about Fake John Locke/Smokey back on the island.

Let me first say how impressed I am with Terry O'Quinn (even though he scared me to pieces years ago in The Stepfather). His ability to convey so much emotion in a simple expression or convey threatening evil with only the glint of his eye takes over every scene that he's in, and I find myself wanting to see more. Even when he scares me.

Here are some of my favorite quotes and random LOST thoughts from Episode 4, The Substitute:

*Sooooo pleased to see John and Helen (Katie Segal) together and planning their wedding!

*Were we seeing Smokey's perspective as he/it travels near Sawyer's house and through the jungle to talk with Richard? Creepy.

*I hate Randy (Locke's mean, condescending boss). That is all.

*Seeing Locke's perspective of navigating through life in a wheelchair. Powerful, yet understated.

*Who's the young boy that looks like a cross between Huck Finn and Jacob? Is it a young Jacob? FLocke seemed scared of him. Why can Sawyer see him too? This certainly surprised FLocke.

*FLocke never drank Sawyer's whiskey. I guess spirits don't drink spirits.

*Sawyer sees right through Fake Locke. Sawyer might give FLocke a run for his money!

*"Well, I guess I better put some pants on." Sawyer, agreeing to go with FLocke to get answers. (Yeah, I love scruffy Sawyer, but the stained undershirt and boxers were just too grimy for me tonight.)

*Love how Hurley met John and helped him find a new job after blocking him in the parking lot.

*Whether as John in LA or as FLocke, nobody better tell him what he can't do.

*Glad to see Rose counsel John at Hugo's temp agency.

*Sawyer asking FLocke if he reads and FLocke says Steinbeck was after his time. Interesting. It warms my heart that the writers created a con man that's also a bookworm.

* "John Locke was a believer, a man of faith, a much better man than I will ever be and I'm very sorry I murdered him." (Ben)

*LOVED John talking to Helen about their future after he confessed to her about his walkabout. So sweet!

* "No offense, but you already died, so this is not a big deal for you..." (Sawyer to FLocke at the cliff.) I would never go down those ladders. Oh the suspense!

*I had a feeling FLocke would throw the white rock, demonstrating how good and evil is now out of balance. Inside joke, yeah, right.

*Interesting how the survivors' names are written on the cave walls, some are crossed out and some are not. WHAT does that mean? Besides the fact they are all people Jacob met before the plane crash. Jacob manipulated them all? To get them to come be a protector of the island?

*Vest-wearing-European-History-teacher Ben Linus meeting John Locke, after scolding the lounge for not making a fresh pot of coffee, was priceless. And creepy at the same time.

*I don't trust any of FLocke's three choices. Don't listen to him Sawyer, don't agree with him...WAIT...he's just using you James!!

And so, of course, we have to wait and see how FLocke and Sawyer try to leave the island. They make quite a team, don't they?

What did you think of last night's episode? Did you find it a little slow, a little like a time-killer? There weren't tons of secrets revealed, but I still enjoyed both sides of John Locke.


  1. Okay, first things that comes to mind, is when Smokey was coming upon Sawyer's house Steve pointed out that you could see the smokey reflection in the window. Yep, it was John/Smokey.

    Secondly, I believe that the names on the wall were marked out as they died. Notice that Flocke crossed his own name out, being dead and all.

    I LOVED Ben's eulogy of John. And didn't you get a kick out of the pilot's reaction, "Weirdest d*mn funeral I've ever been to."

    At first I thought the young boy was a young Jacob. But when they flashed back to Jacob giving young John a pen, I thought it was the same boy. So maybe young John?

    I liked seeing Hurley as a successful, lucky, businessman.

    BTW, do you sit and take notes to remember these quotes, are do you have that good of a memory? Impressive!

  2. I like how both the original and fake Locke both said that quote in the same episode - don't tell me what I can't do!

  3. Dude, I hate this show! (but I love it.) It confuses me to no end. I did love that we could see Smokey's reflection in the window. Fun. Other than that I have nothing to add. Zero. I'm lost!

  4. Rhonda: Ooh! I missed seeing the reflection,how very cool. I'll have to go back and look. The shaky camera and threatening music sure made it seem like it was Smokey.

    Seeing Hurley as a successful business guy is still freaking me out. Yet he still is all Hurleyish.

    I thought Jacob was handing the pen to Sawyer when he was a boy after his father killed his mother and committed suicide. The flashback seemed like it was at that memorial.

    I don't always catch all the quotes the first time. I watch it again and FF a lot to catch them.

    Penny-Pinching Mama: I know! I really liked the parallel there. That's definitely something all versions of Locke would say. :)

    Anne: Don't quit on Lost!! Hang with the crazy okay?!?!

  5. Um hello, what about Hurley's comment that jerky boss Randy is a "Huge douche!" That was great.

    I have always loved Locke, so I'm enjoy fake Locke as well. I loved it that Sawyer knew he wasn't the real Locke, but I was surprised that he knew that because there was no fear in his eyes. I tend to think of Locke as being fearless all the time.

  6. Jill: I know! I loved Hurley's comment about Boss Randy, but I was a little embarrassed to type it--so thanks! :)

  7. There were so many cross-overs to other episodes in this episode...it was like De ja vu for me the whole time.

    Locke and the sprinklers- Sayid walking across the golf course with the sprinklers.

    Sawyer and Locke walking across the island together- reminded me of "The Brig" from season 3.

    Sawyer and Locke discussing "Of Mice and Men" reminded me of "Every Man from himself" when he and Ben discussed it. Also Ben took him to a cliff in that episode too.

    Did you notice how the flash sideways Locke was holding a light and dark fabric in the bathtub? Creepy...

  8. Jason thinks that the names in the cave are what Man in Black wrote and that HE has killed (or helped to kill) all of those Candidates so that he can be in charge. FLocke told Sawyer that Jacob wrote all the names, but I think MIB did. And did you notice that all of the uncrossed names had THE numbers beside them - 4, 8, 12 ,15, 23, 42???

    I wonder if Sawyer is going to the dark side like Luke Skywalker did???

    And Hurley as a rich, lucky businessman was a highlight. I heart Hurley!!!

    What in the world - Ben as a European History Teacher??? I'm sure there will be more about that too.

    I look forward to Wed. to read your LOST recap! Please don't stop!!! :)

  9. Beth: Wow! I did not notice all those cross-overs, what a good eye--and memory you have. Good details to notice too. I feel like I should start over with Season 1 and watch them all to see other clues, similarities, etc., but that might make my brain REALLY hurt. :)

    Kim: Jason's theory could be true. I definitely believe FLocke/MIB/Smokey is deceiving Sawyer. They sure make an interesting alliance, don't they?

  10. "I guess spirits don't drink spirits." HA!!!
    And I prefer the scruffy/angry Sawyer to the cleaned up & chipper version we had last year.
    I do think it would be just like this show to make us believe all this time that Jacob is good and flip it at the end. I'm not saying I think that yet, I just know this show likes to twist things & make us wonder what the heck just happened.

  11. The PJs: Y'all are right, the show could be making us only think Jacob is the good one. I love twists, but that one might make me mad. I guess sooo many things are possible since there are so many questions to answer. We shall see..:)


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