A Few LOST Thoughts {Because I Can't Help Myself}

If you haven't watched the season premiere of LOST yet (and if so, may I ask, why not?!?), then you should be warned there will be a few spoilers in this post. If you don't watch LOST at all (again, I must ask, why not?!?!) then you should go and do something productive like clip your toenails because this post will make no sense.

We stepped up our bath and bed time routine Tuesday night in order to get Annelise into bed a whole whopping thirty minutes early (she didn't catch on to that though) so we could settle in and watch (real-time, not DVR time) the season premiere of the very last, cry me a river, can it really be true? what will I do without Sawyer wisecracks? season of LOST. It hurts to type that. I know that all things must end and I am curious to see how the writers tie up loose ends and answer questions, without of course creating 50,000 new ones like they have been prone to do over the past five seasons. I also agree (even though this pains me to admit), that the shows creators are rather stand-up guys since they decided to end the show while it was still a hot commodity and not die a slow, painful, ratings dropping death.

When LOST first aired in 2004, we were preparing to fly to Russia (a couple of times) for Annelise's adoption, you know for hours across an ocean and Nervous Nellie that I was, there was no way I could watch a show about a plane crash and survivors living on a mysterious island at that time. Thanks to the joy that is watching entire seasons of TV on DVDs, I caught up and joined in the fun somewhere in the middle of season 2.

Without further rambling here are a few of my LOST thoughts in my favorite list format:

*What's the deal-io with the two timelines? WHAT does that mean? Although it seems in the plane timeline when they only deja vu know each other, their lives are going to be full of complications. Like the island all over again. Except maybe for Hurley who thinks he is the luckiest guy ever.

*I was happy to see Charlie, but I miss nice Charlie. Snarly Charlie is kind of a surly downer. With a death wish.

*Two words: Rose and Bernard.

*Hey there Boone, nice to see you again.

*Why didn't we see Claire on the plane? I was getting all antsy. At least we saw her in the taxi with gun-toting Kate. Some things never change.

*Do you think John Locke really went on a walkabout? Or is he telling fibs again?

*What happened to Christian's body/casket? Ultimate baggage loss there.

*Is the island really under water now? I CAN'T WAIT to find out what happened!

Over on the island...in 2004 (but sort of the present) (is that right?)

*So John Locke is dead? Fake John Locke is really black shirt guy AND the Smoke Monster?This is too much.

*I'm sorry you had to see me like that. (John Locke/Smokey)

*Juliet. Sob.

*What worked? The bomb--but, like, later????

*I don't like mean Sawyer as much, he scares me.

*Richard, word to the wise, do not go in there with fake John.

*Glad to still see Jacob recruit Hurley, even though he was killed an hour before.

*Sorry dude, that sucks. (Hurley to Jacob)

* Who are these people and why are they speaking Japanese? I think I shall call them the other others until we know more.

*Will Sayid be changed now? Please don't be evil, Sayid, I'm begging. Or is he now Jacob?

*Nothing's irreversible. (Jack to John, back in LAX) Good to know.

And on another note:

Were you as annoyed as I over ABC shamelessly plugging their weak comedies and new drama line-up 8,000 times? Totally taking advantage of the ginormous LOST fan base. Made me wish we watched it on the DVR.

And one more thing:

Please don't hate me, I promise I love the character of Jack, BUT, Matthew Fox, otherwise known as Blinky McBlinkerson, uses his eyelids for assumed effect too much. Simmer those reflexes right on down, please. And thank you.

I'm sure there's plenty more I am forgetting since they packed soooo much head spinning goodness in two hours. This season is going to be GOOD! How many hours until the next episode?

What did you think of the premiere? Any favorite lines or moments? What do you think of the split timelines? If you wrote your own recap or LOST thought type post, please let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out. LOSTies unite!


  1. I am always so lost when I watch Lost, so the day after, I read the recaps on ew.com. They're brilliant!

    I can't believe you think the ABC comedies are weak! They're my absolute favorite, especially Modern Family. So hilarious!!

  2. Oooh! I'll have to check out ew.com for the recap--thanks.

    Sorry, I guess I sounded like a Judgey Judgerson about the ABC comedies (especially since I haven't watched any of them--though have heard Modern Family is funny like you said), but the Cougartown commercials were the main ones that irritated me. Yuck!

  3. Ok, here's our take. There have always been several time lines going on, that's what they are finally cluing us in on. So, Juliette set off the bomb and as she told the Asian dude after her death, "it worked". See, see how the new time line of all of them arriving in LAX instead of crashing now makes sense? Because, "it worked". For me, I hated to see Kate still in cuffs but was happy to see her smash the dude's head on the bathroom counter. (Don't tell my kids.) Thanks (not!) for now alerting me to Matthew Fox's blinky problem. Now I'll never see him the same way. LOL. As Jacob said, "a friend of mind got a little tired of me." Guess John/Smoke Monster wants to take over the island and Jacob has been keeping him reigned in all this time. And what will John/Smoke Monster do if/when he gets off the island as he said he is desirous of? Does a John/Smoke Monster require more than one seat on an airplane? If he's smoke why doesn't he just slip on over to the US of A on his own? Sorry you had to see him like that! I don't think the island is under water, it's just on another time line. See how nicely that works out? All they have to do over at ABC is hit the "plot contrivancy" button and it all makes sense. :)

  4. LOST ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Rhonda about the two timelines, perhaps the whole show and we are just now cluing in on it. It kind of makes me sad to see our beloved characters different since they did not crash - Rose reassuring the scared Jack, Kate still mean with a gun, Charlie is a mean and scary place, Hurley being lucky... The list goes on. I'm thinking that in the new real (LAX) all of our friends are going to take a sad road that ultimately leads them to the island. To quote the real Locke "It's our destiny!"

    And in 2004 island time, I am flabbergasted at the temple and the other others. What in the world? And if Sayid turns bad, I will cry. And Sawyer gave me a bad dream with his looks at Jack. And will Sun and Jin ever re-unite??? What about Jacob and Fake Locke (that some call Flocke)?? Is his home the temple? And what about knowck-out Richard and his chains???

    Oh, I suppose I could go on for hours. LOST the is thes BEST show ever!!!

  5. Don't worry, you didn't sound like Judgy Judgerson. I just assumed that because I think they're awesome, the whole world must think so too. I actually like CougarTown a lot too, it's very funny. But this is coming from the girl who watches The Real World religiously. So I guess take that with a grain of salt. :)

  6. Thanks to you, I realized we only watched half of the season premiere. Mike and I watched it on Hulu the day after and when I started reading this post I declared an emergency and told him we missed the second hour! Geez, if I didn't read your blog we'd be REALLY lost this week!

  7. Anna: Good! I'm glad I could help. :) That would definitely be an emergency situation.

  8. How did I miss this post last week?

    I love Modern Family on ABC so I must defend that.

    I forgot Boone's name, I'm glad you remembered.

    I thought Locke couldn't go on walkabout because of his wheel chair, maybe he did his own version.

    I was calling them the Other Others too! They're obnoxious.


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