Five for Friday {the Not-Goth, Miracle Bread Edition}

1. Black is my new favorite color. And I promise I am not goth or depressed, it's just easy to throw on, classic, basic, and seems to go with everything. Black is the new black. Wearing black allows me to wear my big, funky flower. I've been saying (for like, ever, or at least since November) I am going to make more. Well, the time has come, I'm really going to make more this weekend. Stay tuned for the results.
2. I've been wearing my glasses more in a last ditch effort to stretch out my last pair of contacts until my eye doctor appointment in early March. It's rather annoying that she (the Dr.) would not give me a trial pair since I had not gotten my contacts from her in, well, several years. I can sort of understand, but I also know exactly what I have been wearing, without any complications, so why can't they help a girl out?
3. This sight makes me sad. Is there anything more pitiful than droopy tulips?4. However, this sight makes me very happy.
{before baking}
After my last bread making failure I am thrilled to report that Michelle's Miracle Bread is truly just that. I made the whole wheat version last Friday (after finally finding instant yeast at HEB) with my fingers crossed that the dough would rise, and praise and glory, it did! I gave one loaf to Annelise's sweet teacher and kept another for Annelise's PB&Js. I plan to make some more today, except I think I am going out on a limb and freezing one loaf before it rises in the pan (I've heard this is possible, has anyone had success?), then thawing it, letting it rise and baking it when we need it. Wish me luck.
5. Remember when I mentioned earlier this week how I was down with the whole running thing again? Well, don't worry, it's three days later and I'm still down with it. So down in fact, I registered for my first half marathon in over a year. Yes, you read that right, I did. The race is in April and I am see-sawing somewhere between extreme fear and extreme excitement.
Hmm...that was a whole lot of random wasn't it? My brain truly scares me sometimes.
Do you agree that black is the new black? Have you ever made fabric flowers? Do potential liability issues give you the Grrrs too?
Have a fabulous Friday and weekend my friends!


  1. Black is the new black, who knew?

    I'm so glad you had Miracle Bread success! It's so easy and so good. I made some on Wednesday (that's my official bread making day now) and ate half the warm loaf myself! This is not a good plan, but I hadn't had lunch, was home alone and it was just too good.

  2. I really love your glasses! They are quite flattering.

  3. I love black. I'm a designer and I always say black is a neutral and people ask me what I mean and I say "just go with it and take my word for it". And it NEVER goes out of style.

  4. Good to know that about black. I always wanted to be on the cutting edge of fashion. :) I find myself wearing black more an dmore. Mostly it is just easy, no worrying baout matching. Is that lazy? Maybe... Someday I want to be like you. Baking bread from dough you made yourself that didn't come in a package. You never fail to impress!

  5. MM: Thanks so much!

    Karen: The miracle bread recipe is seriously VERY easy (otherwise I wouldn't do it) and using my mixer makes the process super fast. :)

  6. Your glasses are super cute on you, and combined with the flower -- so stylish! I'm totally loving the flower, and can't wait to see the others you make.

    I'm going to have to try miracle bread. I keep hearing about it everywhere, but haven't taken the plunge yet.


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