Kickin' It {Skirt Style}

Remember when this blog, that is called Marathon Bird after all, used to include posts about, well...running? Finding your mojo, finding the right running gear, why I run, how I became a runner, and the benefits of running like a girl.

Remember when I ran here, here and even here?

Remember when I started 2009 on the right foot, er...running feet with this and this?

And then began a massive struggle with my running commitment for, oh say...the rest of 2009.

Well, the running hiatus is finally over my friends. Notice my kicky new running capris, perfectly suited for colder weather runs while still providing modest bootay coverage? Loving them. They have accompanied me on four, count them, four recent runs. Short, slow runs, granted, but still...

Like Kramer said, "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" Except, of course, with undies and running capris, thankyouverymuch.

So, um...yeah, I'm down with the running thing again.

But, wait a minute there Marathon Bird, haven't you said that before?

Shut up.


  1. I *think* I have just about talked myself into running the half! I'm gonna sign up on Friday! *I think*. Lol

  2. Autumn: I hope you do! If not AHC, then I hope you sign up for another race, even a 10K, soon. :)

  3. I believe this just may be my all-time favorite Holly post.

    (i took my Brook's skirt out for a wogging jaunt a few days ago. love that thing)


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