The Obligatory Valentine Recap

I know Valentine's Day is so yesterday (hardee-HAR-har, get it?) and all, but I felt like I should post about it anyway. You know, for posterity.

I certainly don't want to forget Annelise's class party Friday afternoon where they played two rounds of half -hearted bingo. I say half-hearted because some of the littles had already played it during the half day Kindergarten class party (in a nutshell, four students spend the morning with half day K because at the beginning of the year there were more kids in all day than half day. Does that make sense? I feel like I just ordered a Starbucks or something.) Not that I am a control freak or anything (cough), but I had originally planned on using bingo cards with valentine type pictures to match but the other room mom printed out regular numbered cards. They did okay recognizing most of the numbers, but they missed a bunch too.
After bingo, they got to make their own ice cream sundaes. And when I say make their own, I mean the other moms made them for them. I don't know, but in my mind, part of the fun is putting your own toppings on, and I totally thought they were capable of doing that themselves. Am I naive?
Obscure side note: At a classmate's birthday party earlier this year, one of the moms asked me if Annelise put on her own shoes. I really don't know what my face looked like as I tried to come up with an answer other than, "Are you insane? I know that allowing our children's independence can be bittersweet, and take more time (and mess) as they do things for themselves, but seriously, mom, your son is almost six!" But I didn't say that.
Anyway, back to the Valentine party...
Oh well, I guess it was marginally less messy and the littles didn't seem to care whether they decorated their own sundaes or not. See?
Then things got interesting. Again, in my mind, I thought the straw and marshmallow game (where they suck up a marshmallow from the pile and drop it on their plate) would be a hit. And for some littles, those that could do it, it was. They thought it was the bomb. The others, those that could not do it very well, well...they cried. One of whom was Annelise. Sigh.
Don't you love it when things in your mind don't always turn out the way you imagined? Um, yeah. Oh well, most of the kids liked it and the others forgot their woes once I passed out the pencil prizes to everyone. Maybe I should have used the mini-marshmallows? But those pink and white ones spoke Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, to me so the littles just had to suck it up.
In other Valentine news, Scott surprised me (really) with a Pajama Gram!! It's a cutesie comfy nightshirt that is really soft and snuggly. Isn't that the sweetest?
Then, he went above and beyond the Valentine call of duty with this sweet tulip arrangement. They really brighten up the dreary winter weather we've been having. Thanks, babe!
After witnessing two doorbell ringing deliveries Annelise was becoming a tad disgruntled since she had not gotten anything from Cupid yet (how fast can you say only child?).
A few weeks ago, when Scott and I were at Target without Annelise, we did a quick cart drive-by in the toy section to see if those crazy Zhu Zhu accessories were finally in stock after the holiday frenzy. To our surprise, they were (!!!), so we snatched them up to save for Valentine's Day. It took about 2.5 seconds on Saturday for her to swoosh the tissue paper away and see her surprise.She was thrilled! See?
Sunday morning Annelise gave us her sweet valentines. Scott's had a chocolate heart taped to it, but mine didn't. Hmm, wonder who's her favorite? Since it was one of the hearts she got from one of her classmates, she probably only wanted to give up one of her treats (at least that's what I'm telling myself).
Later we made sure to document Valentine's Day with a smushed self-portrait in the car between church and lunch.
Then, after an emergency stop by Barnes & Noble to get Catching Fire (which is the sequel to The Hunger Games that I can.not.put.down and am dangerously close to finishing. How am I supposed to wait until August for the final book, Mockingjay?), we went rollerskating. Maybe we're starting a new Valentine tradition?Annelise had a much more pleasant skating experience than the last time we went, which shall be forever remembered as the meltdown on wheels. Whew! I was worried we'd have a repeat of the drama and frustration, but she did GREAT this time. Not only did she declare it the BEST afternoon ever, showed no fear as she skated in an almost roller derby pose for two hours, get right back up with a smile when she wiped out (mostly), she also declared she would be in the Olympics someday. Yes, Apollo Ohno has made quite the impression.
Valentine's Day drew to a close with a yummy trip to Marble Slab (we put The Revolution on hold for the day) which was enjoyed all the more because we hadn't been there in months, evening church, a little laundry and the riveting premiere of The Amazing Race. Okay, it wasn't riveting at all, but Scott really likes that show so I sat and *watched* with him while typing this.

How was your Valentine's Day? Do like to rollerskate? What do you get at Marble Slab? (I'm a coffee ice cream with Heath bar bits mixed in AND a Heath dipped cone kind of girl.)


  1. I'm sorry the school Valentine party wasn't as fun as it could have been. I'm surprised by the normal bingo cards rather than fun Valentine cards, especially with big numbers for 6 year olds.

    The sundaes are a great idea, we never do anything like that.

    I think your marshmallow game looks so fun, who knew some 6 year olds couldn't do that?! I'll have to remember that game for our next class party.

    Wow, a pajama gram AND flower delivery!! You're one lucky girl!

    Your self-portrait is darling! You guys are sweet to go skating, that would not be high on my list of activities to do.

    I feel the same way about having to wait til August for Mockingjay!

    We love watching The Amazing Race around here, and usually watch it as a family.

  2. Sweet stuff on the sweets day! I got Adam Zhu Zhus (3) and accessories for Val. Day, too and he gets so frustrated that they don't go up the ramps right, don't go on the wheel right, don't drive the car right. In fact, my blog posts says there may be some fur balls in the snow outside our house. Except we don't have any snow. But there's always the garage. Any hints or tips on the fur balls? ha!

  3. Annelise got the basic fur balls for Christmas and has been waiting eagerly for the accessories. Once we got the house and garage together, there's not really a whole lot for the little guys to do, but she doesn't seem to mind.

    The car goes at a snail's pace. They do get a little bogged down, always triying to back up and go in other directions.

    Maybe if we had a wheel or that swirly looking ramp the fun house would be more fun? Of course, that's what the marketers WANT us to think.


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