Two Weeks In

After being convicted at our recent Ladies' Day of the importance of daily Bible reading, I am pleased to share that for almost two weeks now we have been reading the Bible together as a family. We are following a plan for 2010 where you read a couple of chapters in the Old Testament and a portion of a chapter in the New Testament each day, the goal being to read the entire Bible by the end of the year. Gulp.

Except we are trying to read a bit more each day as we play catch up for the January/early February readings since we didn't start when the rooster crowed to announce January 1, 1010. So we've been reading in Genesis, the end of Exodus and now Leviticus. Seriously, could we have picked a harder book of the Bible to start with?
Annelise has been listening and trying to follow along. We do exercise parental, I don't know what to call it, maybe editing, when we read a story that is too, ahem, mature for a six-year old. You know, like the goings on at Sodom and Gomorroh and the incident with Lot's daughters. But otherwise, we read it exactly.

Here's a PJ clad peek at her during tonight's reading.Approximately 2.5 seconds later she put the Bible down and wiggled her tooth for a good long while, but she is listening and occasionally asking questions, so that's fine with us.

I hope that reading the current day's chapters and playing catch-up is not confusing to her (or to us), but we feel like we need to do the reading we missed. It is odd though to be reading a section of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and then a few minutes later, his betrayal and arrest.
In a perfect world we would read in the morning, but it's been working out to be more of an evening thing before Annelise goes to bed. Some days Scott and I have found ourselves feeling like it takes too much time to read (hello?..Satan calling) but we know it really does not. We keep reminding ourselves that the blessings we receive from faithfully and regularly reading God's word will be plentiful. I sincerely hope we stick with this and I can post about our progress in a few months and then eventually post about our finishing.
****Edited to add: We have read selections from the Bible together as a family before, but it was only during the summer. This project seems more daunting, yet still something we want to try our best to do.
Have you followed a daily Bible reading plan before? Have you read the entire Bible in a year? (I've heard about a 90 day reading plan too. Wowzers!)


  1. We haven't tried anything like this as a family and I commend you for doing it. I'm following the reading plan for our Jr. High (just got back into it, actually, after weeks of "forgetting" to read) and it's good. It's a 2-year Bible Survey plan and it's usually a chapter a day for 6 days a week. It sounds like you want to read it all, but if you're interested in seeing what Year 1 looks like, I can email it to you.

  2. That is awesome Holly! Annelise is too cute! I want to start doing this with our family! Kudos to you guys-this is great!

  3. i've tried to follow a plan. I've read through the entire bible once, but I don't remember how long it took. I heard a story one time about how this woman signed her bible everytime she read through it and when she died, you could see the progression of her signature through out the years. In hopes that I could be like that woman and read the bible many times in my life time, I did sign my bible when I read through it.

  4. Signing the bible as you read through is a great idea Charlton! I'd never have thought to do that--thanks for sharing! What a keepsake for her family too.

    I think it's possibly a lot to read it all in one year--and have parts of it really sink in so you remember or see/understand fulfillment of promises, etc. But I also feel like I (we) need a goal to work toward.

    I'll keep posting progress occasionally. Thanks for the encouragment!

  5. That sounds like a big commitment to read out of both books every day! We do our scripture reading in the morning, which is nice and seems to be working well for us for now, but only do what we can squeeze into 15 minutes.

  6. Once we get on caught up the reading plan shouldn't take that long each day since it's only about 3 chapters from OT and NT.

    Some parts, like the law in Levitcus where we are now, are so detailed and honestly quite monotonous, so I know Annelise loses interest quickly. The stories definitely hold her interest (and ours!) longer.


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